Winter Fishing off the Gulf State Park Pier – Easy Gulf Pier Fishing

Winter fishing off the gulf state park pier easy gulf pier fishing - Realistic Fishing

In this episode, I’m fishing off the Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores doing some easy winter pier fishing that anyone can try. I end up catching many different species of fish including a new one for my list. Anyone can give this pier fishing thing a try with a tub of shrimp and a cheap combo. From white trout to pigfish, you never really know what you might catch. You may even catch something you’ve never seen before like an inshore lizardfish.

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EASY Saltwater Fishing For Beginners – Fishing Docks With Shrimp

Easy Saltwater Fishing for Beginners Fishing Docks with Shrimp - Realistic Fishing

In this video you’ll find easy saltwater fishing for beginners and today we are fishing docks with shrimp. I catch a sheepshead, a crab, a strange ray with no tail, and a few other small fish. All of these fish, crabs and more were caught on frozen shrimp that I bought for a just few dollars. They were all caught on cheap fishing combos that cost less than $40. If a saltwater noob like me can catch saltwater fish, you can too

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Trout Fishing with Three Different Baits – Let’s See Which Bait Works the Best

trout fishing with three different baits - Realistic Fishing

In this video I’m trout fishing with three different baits looking to find which bait works the best. I am trying Powerbait Trout Bait, Power Eggs, & Gulp Trout Nuggets. I was surprised to find I caught fish on all three baits. I start fishing with the Power Eggs and catch a couple of trout. I decide to keep one after I realize it might not make it. I then switch to the dough and catch a couple more trout. I even catch one on the Chunky Cheese Flavored Gulp and he really swallowed it so I end up keeping that one as well.

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Winter Fishing from a Boat – Catching Largemouth Bass and White Bass

winter fishing from boat catching largemouth bass white bass - Realistic Fishing

In this video I’m doing some winter fishing from a boat and I end up catching largemouth bass, white bass, and skipjack. Finding some nice warm water in the winter can determine if you are going to catch anything or not. I tried fishing with spoons, crankbaits, and even live worms. I ended up catching more fish on the artificial lures than I did the live bait. The bigger fish came on the red eye shad but luckily all of the lures worked with some success.

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Winter Fishing with Casting Spoons & Crankbaits- Boat Fishing

winter fishing with casting spoons and crankbaits boat fishing - Realistic Fishing

In this video I’m out in the boat doing some winter fishing with casting spoons & crankbaits. I start off with the Strike King crankbait and manage to catch a few nice skipjacks. After switching to a casting spoon I manage to catch a few more skipjack. The Kastmaster spoon even caught a largemouth bass. While the spoon isn’t as good at hooking a fish, it sure does get some strikes.

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Urban Trout Fishing in a Popular Spillway in the Winter

Urban Trout Fishing Popular Spillway - Realistic Fishing

In this episode I take you to a popular spillway to do some urban trout fishing. Winter trout fishing has finally begun and the first stocking took place a few days ago. I thought I’d get an early start by leaving the house at 6 a.m. but when I got there, there were already other people there. I thankfully found a spot right up by the dam and was able to get a some fishing in. Of course within the first few casts there was already someone fishing right next to me. Luckily I was able to catch one nice rainbow trout before giving up.

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Thrift Store Fishing Haul – Vintage Fishing Gimmicks & Strange Lures!

Vintage Fishing Gimmicks - Realistic Fishing

In this video we check out some strange lures and vintage fishing gimmicks found at the thrift store. Some of these fishing gimmicks are no longer around and this is totally the kind of thing I like. Did you know at one time there was a polish to increase lure performance? We also see an artificial worm that moves by itself! I’m always on the look out for vintage fishing lures and other gimmicks, so I’m always happy when I find them at the thrift store. Bonus, I also found some good lures to fish with at discounted prices.

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Gulp Minnow vs PowerBait Honey Worm – Which Bait Will Catch More Fish?

Gulp Minnow vs PowerBait Honey Worm - Realistic Fishing

In this video I test to see which bait catches more fish, Gulp Minnow or Powerbait Honey Worm. Today I’m fishing with both of these small artificial baits. Both the Gulp Minnow and the PowerBait Honey Worm are scented and both have a great look to them. I start out using the Gulp minnows and after a little while, I end up with one fish. I then switch to the Powerbait Honey Worms and I do catch a few more. It’s nice to know when the fishing is slow you can still catch fish on small scented artificial lures like these.

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Bass Fishing with a Strike King KVD 1.5 Squarebill Crankbait – Easy

Bass Fishing with a Strike King KVD 1.5 Squarebill Crankbait - Realistic Fishing

Have you ever tried bass fishing with a Strike King KVD 1.5 Squarebill Crankbait? I have some easy bass bank fishing tips for beginners. First things first, be aware of logs and other cover that may have drifted into the area. Sometimes fishing near this cover without getting snagged can result in a bite. If all you’re getting is weeds on your lure, weeds may be near the surface or you might be in shallow water. You should always keep in mind how deep your crankbait is swimming and you will have more success.

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First Pond Fishing Video on Realistic Fishing! Bass Fishing a New Pond

first pond fishing video on realistic fishing bass fishing new pond - Realistic Fishing

It’s finally happened, this is the first pond fishing video on realistic fishing. Today I’m bass fishing a new pond located behind my vacation rental. The first time fishing anywhere can be exciting and challenging. Since I’ve never fished here before I’m starting with something I have confidence in, a Texas Rig Worm. I eventually switch to a spinnerbait for more flash and that pays off too. I had a good time out here bass fishing a pond for the first time on the channel.

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