How To Catch Carp The Easy Way – Using Bread When Sight Fishing For Carp

Catching Carp with Bread

If you’re looking for an easy way to catch carp, try using bread when sight fishing for carp. Some bread and a hook is all you’ll really need.

If you notice carp swimming nearby when you’re at the water fishing, wad up a ball of bread, add it to your hook and wait. There’s nothing else to it.

I was next to some trees in the water and looking to see what I could catch. Braided line was used to get the fish out of the cover. Give sight fishing for carp with bread a try if you want to see how it feels to catch a powerful fish. That’s all there is to catching carp the easy way.

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Can You ACTUALLY Catch Trout with Play-Doh???

Trout Play-Doh

I recently saw some pink Play-Doh at Walmart for $1.00 I couldn’t pass it up. I had the feeling it could make a pretty good trout fishing bait. The stuff is pink, its non-toxic and its soft, sounds great right? Not exactly.

In this trout fishing YouTube video, I try to catch a trout with the pink Play-Doh. Turns out, it sinks. And, I found that it tends to snag on the bottom as it drifts downstream. It also had trouble staying on the hook because it’s a bit TOO soft. It started to feel like the odds were stacked against me trying to catch a trout on pink Play-Doh, but I finally did it!

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New $15 BAITCAST Reel – Setting Up & Fishing With a New Reel

New 15 Baitcase Reel Setting Up New Reel - Realistic Fishing

I just got a new baitcast reel for $15! I am setting it up and fishing it for the first time. This is the Tournament Choice Premier 4BB baitcaster. After finally getting the package open, I go over a few key features. I spool this reel up with the recommended 12 lb test and quickly go over how I set up the tension and magnetic brakes. I do a bit of bass fishing with a frog and don’t get any bites. I finally change the lure to a baby brush hog and manage to catch 5 bass. So how did the new $15 baitcast reel perform? Pretty damn good! I am satisfied with the drag, casting, and overall fishing performance of this reel.

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Realistic Fishing 20,000 Subscriber Appreciation Special

Realistic Fishing Large Mouth Bass

On this 20,000 subscriber special I giveaway over 2 lbs of bass fishing lures! We also have shout outs! And, thank you’s go out to all of my subscribers. I have been in the YouTube bass fishing game for a little over 2 years and have over 200 videos. I am proud of my success and its even sweeter when I succeed in spite of the haters. Realistic Fishing is here and its growing!

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Bass Fishing With Cheap Fishing Lures From WalMart – Ozark Trail

Bass Fishing with Cheap Fishing Lures from WalMart Ozark Trail - Realistic Fishing

In this video I’m out bass fishing with some cheap Ozark Trail fishing lures from WalMart. Ozark Trail is a budget brand available at Walmart Stores. I got two of these lipless crankbaits for only $1.50! I have also seen Ozark Trail frogs, jerkbaits, crankbaits, as well as tackle boxes, sunglasses and other gear. All of the lures and other gear was priced affordably. What a shock, you don’t need expensive gear to go bass fishing. Evidently the bass really don’t care how much your lures cost.

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Beginner Surf Fishing – Winter Fishing at the Beach with Shrimp

Beginner Surf Fishing Winter Fishing at the Beach with Shrimp - Realistic Fishing

In this episode I am fishing at the Fort Morgan Beach in Alabama and once again trying to see if YouTube can help me become a better fisherman. I am new to saltwater fishing, so I am trying the easiest method and am bottom fishing with dead shrimp. I manage to catch two fish despite the large waves and churning surf. First I catch a decent hard head catfish, then I catch a whiting aka gulf kingfish. On this trip I am using some older freshwater gear that I wouldn’t mind ruining due to sand and saltwater. A handy tip for avoiding frustration.

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Realistic Fishing 10,000 Subscriber THANK YOU & SHOUT OUT Show!


Realistic Fishing has made it to TEN THOUSAND subscribers! This is a YouTube Channel and subscriber Shout Out & Thank You special episode. Learn about what has inspired Realistic Fishing to continue his quest to become a better fisherman! This show is packed with shout outs and information about the future of Realistic Fishing.

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500 Subscriber Milestone

500 YouTube Subscribers

I can’t believe that in four short months my channel has grown to 500+ subscribers! I appreciate each and every subscriber that chooses to view my Youtube content. Realistic Fishing represents all of the fishermen out there who aren’t catching a 5 lb bass on every cast. Television fishing shows and other Youtube shows often make fishing look way too easy. There are hours and hours of preparation that go into fishing, especially if you try to keep up with the latest and greatest in fishing bait & tackle. Just the simple act of fishing from the shore, at a park, can be an exercise in frustration.

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What is the Bait Box Challenge?

Realistic Fishing Bait Box Challenge

The Bait Box Challenge is a way for me to give back to my dedicated Youtube subscribers while also helping them become better fishermen. It is basically a box full of lures that I randomly send to outgoing Youtube fishermen. The Bait Box Challenge can contain a variety of items from soft plastics baits, to spinnerbaits, or even tackle for dropshots or Texas rigs. The box comes with a challenge that can hopefully get people to fish new lures as well as try new techniques. The challenges start out fairly easy with requirements like: Catch a fish on video with a lure from this box. As my Youtube experience grows, so will my audience and the challenges may become more difficult to complete. This is not another Barbie rod challenge, or catching a fish with lettuce challenge. This is a program that can actually help new fishermen get acquainted with new lures and tackle. It can also sharpen the skills of an experienced angler by challenging them to fish lures in new ways.
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