First Pond Fishing Video on Realistic Fishing! Bass Fishing a New Pond

first pond fishing video on realistic fishing bass fishing new pond - Realistic Fishing

It’s finally happened, this is the first pond fishing video on realistic fishing. Today I’m bass fishing a new pond located behind my vacation rental. The first time fishing anywhere can be exciting and challenging. Since I’ve never fished here before I’m starting with something I have confidence in, a Texas Rig Worm. I eventually switch to a spinnerbait for more flash and that pays off too. I had a good time out here bass fishing a pond for the first time on the channel.

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Some Fishermen are Jerks! The Unwritten Rules of Fishing Level 1

some fishermen are jerks - Realistic Fishing

We all know that some fishermen are jerks, so here are the unwritten rules of fishing (level1). Has a fisherman ever come over and fished right in your spot while you are still there? This behavior is a very poor attempt at flexing. A lot of people, including myself, go fishing for more reasons than just catching fish. I really enjoy my time away from the annoying people in life. When someone comes from a mile away just to be in your way, I call that annoying. These people are like line jumpers, shrugging while they arrive late and cut in front of you.

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Fishing For Bass & Bluegill With a Blade Bait & Live Bait Worms

fishing for fall bass bluegill with blade bait and live bait worms - Realistic Fishing

I’m fishing today for bass and bluegill with a blade bait and live red worms. As temperatures drop, the fall fishing pattern is taking a turn for the worse. I try several places before I finally catch a bass with the Blade bait. The next cast I hook into something that comes off the hook quickly. Eventually I switch to live bait, worms. The bluegill are small at first but I end up catching a few decent fish.

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Fall Fishing Below The Dam – Spillway Fishing & Fishing Lure Mail

fall fishing below dam spillway - Realistic Fishing

Fall Fishing below the dam (spillway) can really be a challenge. I’m using a blade bait today as well as a spoon looking for any type of fish. I finally get my hooks in something and start to get excited but to my surprise the fish I catch is a small Buffalo fish. I think I have another fish after a quick release, only to catch someone else’s fishing lure. Sometimes you just don’t catch great fish one after the other.

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Easy Bank Fishing Rigs For Beginners

easy bank fishing rigs for beginners - Realistic Fishing

In this video we check out two easy bank fishing rigs for beginners, a bottom rig and a float rig. Both of these rigs will catch fish and both of them are easy enough for anyone to set up. Today we find out which of these two easy rigs will catch more fish. Using the realistic bottom rig I caught one long ear sunfish however I caught many more fish on the float rig. The finicky bite was easier to detect on the bobber. You can try switching to a float when a bottom rig doesn’t seem to catch fish and you just might catch a bunch.
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Fishing With the Cheapest and Easiest Fishing Rig Ever! Realistic Rig

fishing with the cheapest easiest rig realistic rig - Realistic Fishing

I’m out fishing today with the cheapest & easiest fishing rig ever, the Realistic Rig. The only thing you need is a hook and a pinch on sinker and you can be out there fishing. Today my bait of choice is a 1 inch Gulp Minnow. You could also use a worm, minnows, corn, bread, any kind of small bait will work. You can always be fishing near the bottom while being able work your bait for a bite with this simple rig.

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Fall Bass Fishing With a Strike King Red Eye Shad – Silent Crankbait

fall bass fishing with strike king red eye shad silent crankbait - Realistic Fishing

In this episode I try some fall bass fishing with a silent Strike King Red Eye Shad. Unlike a typical lipless crank, the Strike King does NOT rattle. Shad don’t “rattle” in the real word so this lure is a better imitation sometimes. Within minutes of being on the water I’m happy to find a couple of largemouth bass! I choose not to go too far from where I find the action with the constant wind. I eventually hook a shad and find another small bass in the same area.
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Bass Fishing with a Tiny Crankbait – Fall Creek Fishing From the Bank

bass fishing with tiny crankbait - Realistic Fishing

Bass fishing with a tiny crankbait especially when creek fishing from the bank can be a  challenge. I’m fishing in the back of a creek today hoping to catch a largemouth bass using shad. The lure of choice today is a Cotton Cordell CC Shad and its getting some attention. I miss a few bass of course and I notice other fish following the lure. I finally get a bass hooked and it gets hung in the branches by the bank.

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Fishing With Live Bluegill and Cutbait to Catch Big Fish

fishing with live bluegill - Realistic Fishing

Fishing with live bluegill and cutbait can help you catch some big fish for sure. In this video we’re using live bluegill as bait and as chunks of cutbait. We end up catching big fish on both. On the bluegill I catch a 9+ lb flathead catfish – then on the cut bait I also catch a 25 lb blue catfish. A river like this is a perfect place to try big live bait and you just might find yourself catching the biggest fish of your life. Big thanks to Joe at Chatt Cats Fishing for the chance to catch these big fish.

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Fall Bass Fishing With a Texas Rig Swimbait – Yum Money Minnow

fall bass fishing with a texas rig yum money minnow - Realistic Fishing

I’m doing some fall bass fishing today using a yum money minnow texas rig swimbait. After a slow start and missing a fish on the crankbait I switched to the swimbait. Shortly after changing lures I hooked up with a fish. I thought I had a big bass initially but it ended up being a drum. I hook up with another fish after moving and continuing to throw the swimbait. Finally it was the largemouth bass I was hoping to find.
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