Cold Weather Bass & Bluegill Fishing from the Bank & in a Creek

cold weather bass bluegill fishing from the bank in a creek - Realistic Fishing

Creek Fishing From the Bank With Artificial Minnows – 1 Inch Minnows

In the first episode this week: Today I am doing some creek fishing from the bank with artificial minnows. These are the 1 inch Gulp minnows. I am fishing them on a simple float rig which I call my desperation rig. Since the crappie and bass aren’t biting right now, I am hoping to at least catch some bluegill. I catch a handful of keeper bluegill, but I let them go. I am still waiting for that fall feeding frenzy to start, but it hasn’t yet.

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TEMU Fishing Lures Review & Gulp Rig Catches Fish When Nothing Else Will

temu fishing lures review gulp rig catches fish when nothing else will - Realistic Fishing

I Regret Fishing For BASS When the BLUEGILL Are Biting (Realistic)

In the first episode this week: Do you ever regret fishing for bass when the bluegill are biting? Today on Realistic Fishing, I begin by fishing for bass, or whatever might bight a 2 inch jerkbait. After not catching anything, I switch to one of my favorite lures, the 1 inch gulp minnow. I catch some jumbo bluegill out beyond the submerged trees. The fish are out a bit deep than I expected. After catching a bunch of big bluegill I decide to try the bass fishing again with a NED Rig. After 25 minutes, I don’t even get a bite.

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Crappie Fishing from the Shore with Gulp Minnows & Fishing a Hidden Cove from a Boat

crappie fishing from the shore with gulp minnows fishing a hidden cove from a boat - Realistic Fishing

Crappie Fishing From Shore With GULP Minnows! Float Fishing For Crappie

In the first episode this week: Today we are doing some crappie fishing from shore with Gulp Minnows. Float fishing for crappie can even be done with artificial minnows like Gulp Alive. In this trip to the log I start out with a Jerkbait and catch a small bass. But after slowing down and switching to gulp, I am able to catch two nice crappie. One of them is about 9 inches, the other crappie is larger around 11 inches. You can still catch crappie with artificial lures from the bank.

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Bass Fishing In a Public Lake with a YUM Christie Craw

crappie fishing seson has officially started how to wacky rig a gulp minnow - Realistic Fishing

YUM Christie Craw Catches Big Bass! Bass Fishing In a Public Lake

In the first episode this week: Yes, the YUM Christie Craw catches Big Bass! Today I am bass fishing in a public lake and I hook up with a big bass on a Texas Rigged Craw. This bass is in the 3 to 4 pound range! I got it simply fishing from the bank at a local public fishing area. After leaving that spot (but still fishing the same lake) I switch to a Gulp Minnow, and I catch another nice fish. This time I catch a 15 inch skipjack! I hope the weather starts cooling off more, because I think it will help the bass fishing. Maybe you want to try a Yum Christie Craw and catch a big bass at your public lake.

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Ozark Trail Baitcaster Review – The 2 Year Update

ozark trail baitcaster review the 2 year update - Realistic Fishing

OZARK TRAIL Baitcaster From WALMART – 2 Year Review and UPDATE! (BASS)

In this episode: Its time for a two year review and update on the Ozark Trail Baitcaster from Walmart! I am out bass fishing today and its a good time to talk about this $34 fishing combo. I have fished with this baitcast combo for 2 years now. I use it an average of 3-5 times per week. It has lasted a very long time, and has caught hundreds of largemouth bass. It is starting to wear out a bit, and it might be time to consider getting a new baitcaster.

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Survival Fishing Method – Fishing with a Soda Can

survival fishing method fishing with a soda can - Realistic Fishing

Fishing With a SODA CAN Instead of a Reel? Survival Fishing Method!

In the first episode this week: Today I am fishing with a soda can instead of a fishing reel. This is a survival fishing method for casting without a rod and reel. By spooling line on to a can, I am able to make short casts simply by throwing my float rig out there. The line comes off the can like a reel, only there is no rod. While its not the easiest method to catch fish, I am able to make it work. I catch a fish (sunfish), which was my goal. If this were a matter of survival, I would be happy with anything. Have you ever tried fishing with a soda can instead of a rod and reel? If you wanted to survive, you might need to.

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NED RIG BASICS – Easy Bass Fishing With Ned Rigs & Early Fall Fishing with a Texas Rig

0923 bass lures public bass ned rig - Realistic Fishing

NED RIG BASICS – Easy Bass Fishing With Ned Rigs!

In the final episode this week: Today I am going over some ned rig basics. Bass fishing with Ned Rigs is easy because they are easy to set up and fish. A Ned Rig consists of a mushroom style jig head, and your lure, and that’s it! I am fishing it on a medium light spinning combo with 6 pound test line. By simply hopping it off the bottom I am able to catch two largemouth bass in a short amount of time. I cover about 100 feet of shore in 20 minutes. I catch the bass on back to back casts next to the boat dock. The Ned Rig is an easy rig to set up, and its easy to fish in open water.

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Early Fall Bass Fishing at Public Parks with Gulp Alive Minnows, Texas Rigs & Ned Rigs

early fall bass fishing at public parks with gulp alive ned rigs texas rigs 1 - Realistic Fishing

Bass Fishing at Public Parks! 1 Inch Gulp Alive Minnows & Texas Rigs

In the final episode this week: Today I am bass fishing at public parks with 1 inch gulp alive minnows and Texas Rigs. I start out fishing with the 1 inch gulp minnows and manage to a couple of bluegill (sunfish). The action is a bit slow, so I upsize to a Texas Rigged Baby Brush Hog. I give it a try at the LOG, but I don’t catch anything. I also try it at Skeletor Park, but I can’t catch anything there either. Finally after fishing 3 public parks, I find what I am looking for. I catch a big largemouth bass from the weeds. The bass goes for my lure when I fish it like a topwater lure, but can’t hold on. So I pitch it right back to fish, and catch it on the second try.

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Catching Bluegill, Bass and Catfish from the Bank

catching bluegill bass and catfish from the bank - Realistic Fishing

Want To Catch BASS and BLUEGILL From Shore Without Live Bait?

In the first episode this week: Want to catch bass and bluegill from shore without live bait? In this video I catch both bass and bluegill from the bank on lures. I catch the first fish, a largemouth bass, on a Baby Brush Hog. After going to a different fishing spot, I catch a bunch of bluegill on a 1 inch Gulp Alive Minnow. I even get a visit from the TWRA asking about my catches. Before I leave I also catch a jumbo bluegill that is easily a keeper size.

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Catch the Biggest Bass at Your Public Park

catch the biggest bass at your public park 1 - Realistic Fishing

How I Catch the Biggest Bass at the PUBLIC PARK! Bank Fishing For Bass

In the final episode this week: This is how I catch the biggest pass at the public park! Today I am bank fishing for bass with a finesse Texas rig and a Baby Brush Hog. Once again I am using the thirty dollar Ozark Trail baitcaster and it performs as I want it to because I catch a giant largemouth bass on the FIRST CAST! I then proceed to catch three more bass as I work the bank. It feels good catching the biggest bass around and I am happy to get another bass on the cheap combo to prove you don’t need to buy expensive gear.

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