Catching Live Bait then Catching Big Fish from the Bank!

catching live bait then catching big fish from the bank - Realistic Fishing

In this episode, we see that catching live bait can lead to catching Big Fish from the bank. When the fish are feeding on baitfish, they can be caught on a combination of an artificial lure and live bait. I’ve found that a lipless crankbait with a live shad on the hook can often get a bite while sitting on the bottom. It looks like two dead or wounded laying on the bottom. When moving it ever so slightly, it can trigger a bite from a big fish like a white bass or drum, maybe something even bigger if they are around.

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I Spent $100 at Academy – Buying Fishing Tackle for the new Bass Fishing Season

i spent 100 dollars at academy fishing tackle for new bass fishing season - Realistic Fishing

I can’t believe it, I spent $100 at Academy on fishing tackle for the new bass fishing season. In this episode, I found a lot of good deals and I picked up something that could help expand my horizons. With the closing of Dick’s Sporting Goods Fishing department, I now have more money to spend at Academy. I hope this new fishing gear will put more bass on the bank and in the boat. It might even keep me dry while I explore a bit. I can say I’m happy with this $100 fishing tackle purchase.

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Catching Fish from the Bank in Winter. Open Water Winter Fishing

can you catch fish from the bank in winter - Realistic Fishing

Wondering if you can catch fish from the bank in winter? The answer is a definite Yes! In this episode I’m doing some open water winter fishing from shore. After having no luck and leaving one fishing spot for another I finally started catching some fish. I caught a nice variety of large yellow bass and bluegill. I used small artificial lures like Gulp Minnows and Powerbait Honey Worms. So next time you get the urge to do some winter fishing from the bank, remember to move around if you’re having no luck.

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I caught a Big Fish in a Cold Winter Creek – Realistic Winter Fishing

i caught a big fish in cold winter creek - Realistic Fishing

This episode features some realistic winter creek fishing and bonus, I caught a big fish. I started out using a double fluke rig and had no success. I switched to a lipless crankbait and started catching some shad. A strange thing happened, this random guy walked out to the edge of the pier and dumped a bunch of sticks in the water while I was right there fishing! After he left, I hooked into the giant fish. After questioning what kind of fish it was, I finally landed it.

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Do Trout Like PowerBait Honey Worms – Stocked Trout Fishing in the Winter

do trout like powerbait honey worms - Realistic Fishing

In this episode I am fishing for stocked winter trout with PowerBait Honey Worms, but do they like it? Turns out they sure do! I caught some stocked trout on the honey worms, and a few of them were a good size for stocked fish. In TN, these trout are stocked specifically for winter fishing. I will experiment with different lures and baits to see what they like as the season continues. As far as I’m concerned, PowerBait Honey worms get the job done.

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My Local Dick’s Sporting Goods Stopped Selling Fishing Tackle – Goodbye Dicks

Good Bye Dicks - stopped selling fishing tackle - Realistic Fishing

It’s a sad day as we learn it’s time to say goodbye to Dicks Sporting Goods since they stopped selling fishing tackle. In this episode we see what will be my final tackle unboxing from my local Dick’s. I’m happy to get what I could before they made this decision. There are a lot of opinions out there about this company and how they do business. But if they are no longer selling tackle they’ve taken away my last reason to go. Good luck to everyone that wants to win a few of the last fishing lures from my local Dicks Sporting goods.

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Winter Fishing off the Gulf State Park Pier – Easy Gulf Pier Fishing

Winter fishing off the gulf state park pier easy gulf pier fishing - Realistic Fishing

In this episode, I’m fishing off the Gulf State Park Pier in Gulf Shores doing some easy winter pier fishing that anyone can try. I end up catching many different species of fish including a new one for my list. Anyone can give this pier fishing thing a try with a tub of shrimp and a cheap combo. From white trout to pigfish, you never really know what you might catch. You may even catch something you’ve never seen before like an inshore lizardfish.

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EASY Saltwater Fishing For Beginners – Fishing Docks With Shrimp

Easy Saltwater Fishing for Beginners Fishing Docks with Shrimp - Realistic Fishing

In this video you’ll find easy saltwater fishing for beginners and today we are fishing docks with shrimp. I catch a sheepshead, a crab, a strange ray with no tail, and a few other small fish. All of these fish, crabs and more were caught on frozen shrimp that I bought for a just few dollars. They were all caught on cheap fishing combos that cost less than $40. If a saltwater noob like me can catch saltwater fish, you can too

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Trout Fishing with Three Different Baits – Let’s See Which Bait Works the Best

trout fishing with three different baits - Realistic Fishing

In this video I’m trout fishing with three different baits looking to find which bait works the best. I am trying Powerbait Trout Bait, Power Eggs, & Gulp Trout Nuggets. I was surprised to find I caught fish on all three baits. I start fishing with the Power Eggs and catch a couple of trout. I decide to keep one after I realize it might not make it. I then switch to the dough and catch a couple more trout. I even catch one on the Chunky Cheese Flavored Gulp and he really swallowed it so I end up keeping that one as well.

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Winter Fishing from a Boat – Catching Largemouth Bass and White Bass

winter fishing from boat catching largemouth bass white bass - Realistic Fishing

In this video I’m doing some winter fishing from a boat and I end up catching largemouth bass, white bass, and skipjack. Finding some nice warm water in the winter can determine if you are going to catch anything or not. I tried fishing with spoons, crankbaits, and even live worms. I ended up catching more fish on the artificial lures than I did the live bait. The bigger fish came on the red eye shad but luckily all of the lures worked with some success.

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