Growing as an Angler

fishing young

As you grow, fishing grows with you. I have been fishing for over 30 years. Most people start out when their mom or dad takes them down to a lake or pond. Kiddie fishing pole in hand and with help making that first cast, you wait for that first fish.
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Fishing Fun

kid fishing - Realistic Fishing

Fishing is a great source of fun and good times. While fishing can be fun and exciting while you are alone, it can be even more fun with others. Sure, suddenly hooking into a big fish is fun, but seeing your fishing partner hook a big one is also fun too. You never know what might happen while out fishing with someone else. Find someone to go fishing with and have a good time.
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Respecting Mr. Fish

crappie s - Realistic Fishing

When it comes to fishing I tend to take it quite seriously. It is not something to be taken for granted. Like anything else that man decides to become involved in, there are consequences for his involvement.
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