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Realistic Fishing is a reality based YouTube fishing show. This is my experience as I become a better fisherman using tips and tricks from the internet, YouTube fishing channels, vintage books, VHS, old fishing tv shows, etc. 

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You’ll want to start by familiarizing yourself with the water you’re going to fish. Knowing what kind of fish are present is key to catching them. After you know this you can start to choose your fishing tackle. The time, weather, fish species, location and tackle are all important things to consider.

Proper tackle selection can really help increase your chances of catching fish. Small lures can catch small and large fish, but large lures cannot catch small fish. Lure and bait size can have a huge impact on the outcome. Matching the hatch is a popular way to choose fishing lures. This means choosing lures and bait that the local fish already eat.

Once you catch a couple of fish, you will start to gain confidence. Confidence really is the best kept secret to catching more fish. Once you figure out what works in your area, you’ll be able to experiment more and fine tune your approach.

Besides a place to fish, you will need some basic tackle. This can be purchased at Sporting Good stores or stores like Wal-Mart.

The basics consist of:

  • a rod & reel
  • line
  • hooks
  • weights
  • floats
  • bait

Popular baits include worms, crickets or minnows. More experienced fishermen will also use artificial lures like plastic worms and spinnerbaits. A few basic knots will be required to put it all together.

Now you can start learning about the different techniques like how to assemble your gear for your first fishing trip, more advanced setups and unique ideas.

My YouTube videos show what it’s like to try to apply the techniques you may find online.

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