first pond fishing video on realistic fishing bass fishing new pond - Realistic Fishing

First Pond Fishing Video on Realistic Fishing! Bass Fishing a New Pond

It’s finally happened, this is the first pond fishing video on realistic fishing. Today I’m bass fishing a new pond located behind my vacation rental. The first time fishing anywhere
some fishermen are jerks - Realistic Fishing

Some Fishermen are Jerks! The Unwritten Rules of Fishing Level 1

We all know that some fishermen are jerks, so here are the unwritten rules of fishing (level1). Has a fisherman ever come over and fished right in your spot while
fishing for fall bass bluegill with blade bait and live bait worms - Realistic Fishing

Fishing For Bass & Bluegill With a Blade Bait & Live Bait Worms

I’m fishing today for bass and bluegill with a blade bait and live red worms. As temperatures drop, the fall fishing pattern is taking a turn for the worse. I
fall fishing below dam spillway - Realistic Fishing

Fall Fishing Below The Dam – Spillway Fishing & Fishing Lure Mail

Fall Fishing below the dam (spillway) can really be a challenge. I’m using a blade bait today as well as a spoon looking for any type of fish. I finally
easy bank fishing rigs for beginners - Realistic Fishing

Easy Bank Fishing Rigs For Beginners

In this video we check out two easy bank fishing rigs for beginners, a bottom rig and a float rig. Both of these rigs will catch fish and both of
fishing with the cheapest easiest rig realistic rig - Realistic Fishing

Fishing With the Cheapest and Easiest Fishing Rig Ever! Realistic Rig

I’m out fishing today with the cheapest & easiest fishing rig ever, the Realistic Rig. The only thing you need is a hook and a pinch on sinker and you