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catching live bait then catching big fish from the bank - Realistic Fishing

Catching Live Bait then Catching Big Fish from the Bank!

In this episode, we see that catching live bait can lead to catching Big Fish from the bank. When the fish are feeding on baitfish, they can be caught on
i spent 100 dollars at academy fishing tackle for new bass fishing season - Realistic Fishing

I Spent $100 at Academy – Buying Fishing Tackle for the new Bass Fishing Season

I can’t believe it, I spent $100 at Academy on fishing tackle for the new bass fishing season. In this episode, I found a lot of good deals and I
can you catch fish from the bank in winter - Realistic Fishing

Catching Fish from the Bank in Winter. Open Water Winter Fishing

Wondering if you can catch fish from the bank in winter? The answer is a definite Yes! In this episode I’m doing some open water winter fishing from shore. After
i caught a big fish in cold winter creek - Realistic Fishing

I caught a Big Fish in a Cold Winter Creek – Realistic Winter Fishing

This episode features some realistic winter creek fishing and bonus, I caught a big fish. I started out using a double fluke rig and had no success. I switched to
do trout like powerbait honey worms - Realistic Fishing

Do Trout Like PowerBait Honey Worms – Stocked Trout Fishing in the Winter

In this episode I am fishing for stocked winter trout with PowerBait Honey Worms, but do they like it? Turns out they sure do! I caught some stocked trout on
Good Bye Dicks - stopped selling fishing tackle - Realistic Fishing

My Local Dick’s Sporting Goods Stopped Selling Fishing Tackle – Goodbye Dicks

It’s a sad day as we learn it’s time to say goodbye to Dicks Sporting Goods since they stopped selling fishing tackle. In this episode we see what will be