Fishing is a great source of fun and good times. While fishing can be fun and exciting while you are alone, it can be even more fun with others. Sure, suddenly hooking into a big fish is fun, but seeing your fishing partner hook a big one is also fun too. You never know what might happen while out fishing with someone else. Find someone to go fishing with and have a good time.

I can still remember some of the great times I had growing up and fishing with friends. I was very lucky to have friends who also liked fishing. Looking back I remember a particular friend named Brian M. We would ride our bikes to the lake and other places on the various channels several times a week just to go fishing. When the lake froze over, we would be out there on the ice. When it thawed we would be chasing crappie and perch in the channel. It was a glorious day when his father built a boat trailer we could pull by hand. We would pull the rowboat and trolling motor down to the lake and cruise the lake at 4 mph. I remember my first 5 lb bass, caught it out on the lake with Brian in a 12 ft boat with a trolling motor. We didn’t have a fish-finder, we learned to find fish the old fashioned way. To this day I still enjoy a small boat and trolling motor.

As time went on I have gone fishing with many other people over the years. On vacation somewhere or just trying a new spot, I have ended up fishing with people I just met. Its always a good time meeting new people who like to fish, especially if they are friendly. Occasionally you meet the guy who thinks he knows everything about fishing, and he thinks you are doing it all wrong. The truth is, it doesn’t matter what he thinks as long as you are having a good time. You don’t need a $500 fishing rod and reel. You don’t need a $10,000 bass boat. Long before those things do you any good, you have to understand and appreciate the basics of fishing. Don’t be jealous of the man with all of that fancy gear. Sometimes he is compensating for not knowing how to fish. One of the most important things to remember about fishing is that you are having fun. When you are enjoying your time fishing, you learn a lot faster than you do buying fancy equipment.

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