How To Catch Bass on a HOT Day! – Where Are the Bass When Its Hot Out?

How To Catch Bass on a HOT Day Where Are the Bass When Its Hot Out - Realistic Fishing

Want to know how to catch bass on a hot day? Where are the bass when its hot out? In the first episode this week, I go over these two topics at the lake. I am at the Lucky Unlucky Spot fishing with a Roboworm on a finesse Texas Rig. The first bass I catch is in shallow water under some trees, the second bass is near a bush. The third bass catch is next to a dock and boat ramp. All of today’s fish were caught in the shadows on the same plastic worm. Where are the bass on a hot summer day? Fish the shadows on a hot day to catch more bass!

Check it all out in the video below.

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Too HOT to Fish? Realistic Bass Fishing in Early Summer Heat Wave

Too HOT to Fish Realistic Bass Fishing in Early Summer Heat Wave - Realistic Fishing

In this episode, we ask: can it ever be too hot to fish? Today on Realistic Fishing we are fishing for bass in this early summer heat wave. I am out there at 7:30 am and its already 84 degrees! By 8:30 its 87 degrees and getting hotter. The early morning is your best chance at finding bass from the bank. I like to fish in shadows and near cover. I tried 4 different lures today to catch a total of three fish. Two of today’s catches were bass and one was a bluegill. I caught bass on the Lucky Strike Worm and the Salmo Minnow. Past 9:00am its just too hot for me to fish. Good luck to you if you try fishing in this summer heat wave.

See it all in the video below!

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Which Lures Catch Bass During a Hot Summer? Googan Baits & Texas Rigs

Which Lures Catch Bass During a Hot Summer Googan Baits Texas Rigs - Realistic Fishing

In the final episode this week, we see which lures can catch bass during a hot summer. We are trying out Googan Baits and Texas rigs today! I start fishing at a very early 5:55 am with a Googan Baits popper. After not catching anything I try the Googan Baits spinnerbait. After not catching anything on the spinner either I change it up to a Texas rig hellgrammite. I almost give up but decide to try one more spot. Surprise! I catch a nice largemouth bass on the hellgrammite! Then I catch another bass, and another. I end up catching three bass today on the Texas rigged hellgrammite and nothing on the other lures. Here are a couple of tips: If you can’t get a bite, try something else. If you still can’t catch a bass, try somewhere else. Good luck out there in this sweltering heat!

Check it out in the video below!

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