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Month: January 2023


I Broke My Favorite Lure Can I Still Catch Fish With It - Realistic Fishing

Replacing Hooks on a Fishing Lure

Trashy Fishing Spots and Winter Fishing From Shore (Realistic) Today I’m dealing with trashy fishing spots while winter fishing from shore. This is what Realistic Fishing looks like around here
LIVE BAIT vs ARTIFICIAL Which Lure or Bait Will Catch More Fish YouTube - Realistic Fishing

What Kind of Fish Can You Catch in the Winter?

The TROUT POLICE Won’t Like This! Stocked Trout Explained (Realistic) The trout police won’t like this! In the first episode this week on Realistic Fishing, we have stocked trout explained.
Winter Creek Fishing at a Public Trout Fishing Spot Big Rainbow Trout - Realistic Fishing

Trout Fishing at a Public Park

Winter Trout Fishing in a Public Park! (Winter Creek Fishing Slam) In the first episode this week, I;m doing some winter trout fishing in a public park. As a matter
Can You Catch Fish From the Bank in Winter Tennessee Fishing - Realistic Fishing

Winter Bank Fishing in Tennessee

Winter Fishing in Tennessee With Live Bait – Terrible Conditions! In the first episode this week, we see winter fishing in Tennessee with live bait during terrible conditions. It has
Catching The First Trout of Trout Fishing Season Trout Rig and Bait - Realistic Fishing

Stocked Rainbow Trout Fishing in Tennessee

Catching The First Trout of Trout Fishing Season (Trout Rig and Bait) In the first episode this week, we’re out catching the first trout of the trout fishing season. I