Why Do Bass Boats Fish at Pressured Parks? Beginner Bass Fishing Tips

Why do Bass Boats Fish at Pressured Parks Beginner Bass Fishing Tips - Realistic Fishing

The first episode this week is a bit of a Public Service Announcement as we look at why Bass Boats fish at pressured public parks and discuss a few beginner bass fishing tips about why it might be hard for you to catch a bass from the bank. Not everyone realizes that if someone in a boat went fishing through the area shortly before you arrived at that spot, it could be difficult to catch a fish. This is what they call Pressure. A fish can change its feeding behavior based on the amount of times a fish is caught. The number of lures a bass sees can actually change how the bass reacts to them.  The fish will eventually become disinterested seeing lure after lure. This makes it more difficult to catch that bass. So if you’re in your boat that day, think of the person just starting out. When that beginner makes time to visit the park in hopes of catching their first bass, do them a favor and let them, by taking your boat somewhere else.

Check it all out in the video below.

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Am I Jealous of Your Bass Boat? Realistic Fishing Has His Own Boat!

Am I Jealous of your Bass Boat Realistic Fishing Has His Own Boat - Realistic Fishing

In the second episode this week, we end up addresssing the question: Is Realistic Fishing Jealous of your bass boat? Because I stick up for bank anglers some people just assume I have no boat and leave not so nice comments without listening to the points actually being made. Alpha fishing jerks often say anything in an attempt to sound cool. After the last video a guy told me to get a job,  buy a boat & to stop being a crybaby all because I was pointing out an issue for new fisherman and stood up for bank fishermen. Unfortunately about 7% of the fishermen out there in the world have no respect for anyone else so beginners beware. I try to do what I can to teach beginner fishermen who are stuck on the bank and I am proud of that aspect of my channel. Not every fisherman can be as awesome as Realistic Fishing and tell it like it is!

Watch what happened in the video below.

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