Bass Fishing with a Soft Plastic Frog & Braided Line (Spinning Reel)

Bass Fishing with a Soft Plastic Frog and Braided Line Spinning Reel - Realistic Fishing

In this episode I’m bass fishing with a soft plastic frog  using braided line on a spinning reel. A soft plastic frog type lure is fished on top by keeping the rod tip high and reeling it in. It can be fished from the bank or from a boat.  I usually like to fish this type of frog near the weeds in shallow water. In this video I end up catching two nice largemouth bass. One of the bass was strong enough to actually bend my hook! Sometimes a smaller frog like this one is less intimidating to a bass than a large hollow body frog type lure, and it can defintely catch those small and mid-sized bass as well.

Check it all out in the video below.

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Quick Texas Rig Fishing Tutorial – How to Catch a Bass On a Texas Rig

Quick Texas Rig Fishing Tutorial How to Catch a Bass On a Texas Rig - Realistic Fishing

This video is a quick Texas Rig Fishing Tutorial that will show you how to catch a bass on a Texas Rig as I talk my way through catching a bass quickly at the lake. This day found me fishing with a Rage Tail Structure Bug. I’m using 12lb test mono on a medium heavy baitcaster. I was able to quickly catch a bass near the boat ramp by focusing on fishing the structure and shadows. I also end up snagged and I do my best to get it back but in the end I lose a lure. This is a great rig, but its not 100% snag proof. If its hot outside and you just can’t get a bite, you could consider trying a Texas rig around cover and shadows.

Watch what happened in the video below.

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Subscriber Lure Challenge! Can I Catch a Bass on the YUM CrawBug?

Subscriber Lure Challenge Can I Catch a Bass on the YUM CrawBug - Realistic Fishing

In this episode we see if I can catch a Bass the Yum CrawBug because today’s video is a subscriber lure challenge! The fishing lures I’m using were sent to me by a subscriber and in his letter he said that he couldn’t catch anything on the YUM Crawbug. He thought if anyone could do it, it would be me. So, here I am off to the lake to try and catch a bass on the Yum Craw. Will I find success and end walking away victorious with a bass in hand? I also try another fishing lure from the subscriber’s box. I always have fun fishing with lures sent in by Realistic Fishing subscribers! Thanks again to everyone who sends mail in to the show.

See it all in the video below.

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Big Summer Bass on a Texas Rig Worm – I caught a True Monster Bass

Big Summer Bass on a Texas Rig Worm I caught a True Monster Bass - Realistic Fishing

In the final episode this week we see that I caught a BIG summer bass on a Texas Rig Worm! This is truly a real monster bass! The fishing lure of choice in this episode is a Mann’s Jelly Worm. Its a soft plastic worm and it is great for a Texas rig. I’m using the Texas rig with a spinning combo and straight braid with a 2/0 ewg. I get my first bass while fishing in the light rain and am happy with it but then, it happens. I get a good bite and end up catching a really big summer bass! This thing is a true monster bass and its even missing an eye! So get out there and try to catch some of your own summer bass, hopefully you can get a monster like this bass beast.

Watch how it all went down in the video below.

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