Bass Fishing with a Topwater Frog (Toad) and Helping Turtles!

In this week’s first episode I’m  out bass fishing with a topwater frog – toad – and helping the turtles. Some people call this version of a soft plastic frog a toad. Unlike a hollow body frog type lure, this topwater lure is rigged with a single hook. If you stop reeling this lure will sink which can come in handy when you’re bass fishing. I caught this bass by the bank even though I wasn’t paying attention. The lure started to sink and the bass chased it down once I started moving it again. Another lure I tried is a Structure Bug but I had no luck. I also end up helping a few turtles who were stuck in the water and in the road. Hopefully by moving them off the road they won’t meet their maker.

Check it all out in the video below.

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Bass Fishing at a New Pond with Topwater – Fishing a New Spot!

In the second episode of the week I’m doing some bass fishing at a new spot with topwater! I came across a new fishing spot near my rental cabin in middle Tennessee. I fished with a a Lunkerhunt Topwater Popper that is shaped like a frog and a Spro topwater frog. I didn’t get any bites on the Spro but I did score on the Lunkerhunt. First I catch a bluegill which gets my hopes up! Then I hook a nice largemouth bass and get it up to the bank. Bass fishing this new spot turned into a great time. I was really happy to catch a bass on topwater and glad to know there are places like this out there.

Watch what happened in the video below.

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First Smallmouth Bass of the Year! Fishing With a Whopper Plopper!!

Bass Fishing at a New Pond with Topwater - Realistic Fishing

In the final episode this week I caught my first smallmouth bass of the year fishing with a Whopper Plopper and I am SO Glad. I was out with a stranger fishing on a boat while on my mini vacation here in Tennessee. It was a good time fishing a new lake and catching a smallmouth bass definitely made it even better. Who would have thought I would get lucky on a whopper plopper? I also took some time to fish the pond at the rental cabin again and caught another nice bass. I caught this bass on a Yum Pulse minnow – swimbait – near the bank. I had a great time on my staycation. Bonus was I was able to catch a bass or two which is always a good time.

See how it went down in the video below.

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