This MODIFIED LURE Strikes Again! This Bass Fishing Lure is My HERO!

In the first episode this week: The bass fishing is tough but this modified lure strikes again! This bass fishing lure is my hero because it saved the day. I found another bag of soft plastic crawfish to pull the claws off. So I am out bass fishing from the bank once again. I try two different spots on the lake and catch three fish total. I catch one bluegill, and two bass. The small bass and bluegill go for the Mule Swimbait, and the bigger bass goes for the clawless craw.

The hot weather has the bass in a bad mood, but this modified lure catches another one when it tough. It really is my hero!

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Fishing With POWERBAIT Atomic Fry – Summer Fishing From a Dock

In this episode: Today I am fishing with Powerbait Atomic Fry. This is a good choice for some summer fishing from a dock. Be aware that the hook eye might be painted shut, as I learned the hard way. I had to clean it out using a different hook, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to fish. I end up catching three bluegill tonight fishing with and without a bobber. It is getting darker earlier, so I am running out of time to fish at night. If you see this Powerbait Atomic Fry around, maybe give it a try for some panfish fishing from a dock.


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THIS LURE Caught Bass When Nothing Else Would! SWITCH LURES CATCH BASS

In the final episode this week: This lure caught bass when nothing else would. Sometimes I forget to switch lures that could lead to catching more bass. I have really been focusing on the Texas Rig Crawfish this summer and forgot all about the worm. So today I decided to try out a red plastic worm, and wouldn’t you know, I quickly caught bass. Out of everything I tried, they wanted the worm. Sometime we can get to focused on what used to work, that we forget to mix it up. The plastic worm caught bass when nothing else would. Want to catch more bass? Switch lures once in a while and dont get caught up fishing the same lure over and over.

Check it out in the video below!


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