UGLY Fishing Lures Catch More Fish! Catching More Bass With Junk Lures

In the first episode this week: Did you know ugly fishing lures catch more fish? Today I am catching more bass with junk lures! I am fishing two different lures from the bank. First is a Reaction Innovations Man Bear Pig. Next is a Keitech Swimbait. I don’t catch anything on either of them until they are ruined. I pull the claws off of the Reaction Innovations and a fish bites the tail off of the swimbait. It isn’t until both lures are in their junk form that I catch anything. I catch a big bass on the clawless crawfish. And a 1lb bass on the tailless swimbait.

Lures don’t have to be perfect to catch bass. In fact, they seem to love ugly fishing lures.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Don’t Let BAD ADVICE Make Your Fishing Worse – Learning How To Fish!!

In this episode: Are you trying to learn how to fish? Don’t let bad advice make your fishing worse. Bad advice might be the main reason you are not getting better at fishing. Everyone and their mother claims to know how to fish, but few of them actually do. The best fishing advice comes from your peers, who do the same kind of fishing that you do. Even professionals can provide bad advice. This video can help you learn how to fish, by pointing out which people you should listen to, and who you should avoid. I want you to catch more fish whether its bass, bluegill, crappie, carp, or catfish. Tips like learning how to spot bad advice will help beginners learn how to fish.


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DON’T FORGET About Bluegill – Bluegill Fishing With Crappie Nibbles!

In the final episode this week: Don’t forget about the bluegill when the bass won’t bite. Today I am bluegill fishing with crappie nibbles. Fishing tip, they aren’t just for crappie! I am using a simple bluegill rig consisting of a jig head, and crappie nibbles, fished under a float. Casting off the end of the dock I am able to catch some big bluegill, with a few average sized fish mixed in as well. Crappie nibbles are one of the best baits for bluegill fishing because they are easy to use and last forever. These crappie nibbles are 5 years old and they still work great for bluegill fishing!

Check it out in the video below!


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