My New Favorite Lure For Bass Fishing! This Dumb Thing Catches Bass!

In the first episode this week: This is my new favorite lure for bass fishing! This dumb thing actually catches bass! I stumbled on this idea when the bass were ruining my soft plastic crawfish. They were biting the claws and tearing them off. But I kept catching fish! I have used this dumb lure in multiple videos now, and I keep catching bass. The clawless craw looks silly, but the bass really eat it. Maybe its something they haven’t seen before. Maybe the clawless craw looks like an easy target.

Either way, I am catching more bass on this dumb thing. Who knows, maybe its the next best thing!

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Realistic Fishing for Bass and Bluegill – RAIN or SHINE!

In this episode: Realistic fishing for bass and bluegill in terrible conditions. Realistic Fishing means fishing rain or shine. Its hot and rainy making things extremely uncomfortable. I start out bass fishing with my new favorite, the clawless crawfish. After catching one nice bass, I downsize to see what other fish are around. I end up catch three more species of fish including a skipjack, long ear sunfish, and a bluegill. Just because the conditions are horrible, that doesn’t mean Realistic Fishing won’t be out there trying to catch some bass and bluegill.


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My New Favorite Bass Fishing Lure Strikes Again!

In the final episode this week: My new favorite bass fishing lure strikes again! This time I even fish a variation, and it still catches bass. The lure I am talking about is a clawless craw. This soft plastic lure has been around for a long time, but this is a Realistic Fishing twist on it! I am tearing the claws off of it before I even start fishing with it. I catch 2 nice largemouth bass tonight on this odd looking lure. I even try a different brand of plastic, but modify it the same way and still catch bass! Consider trying this, and it might become your favorite bass fishing lure.

Check it out in the video below!


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