Fishing Below Walter Hill Dam! A Good Fishing Spot With a Spillway

In the first episode this week: Today I am fishing below Walter Hill Dam! This is a good fishing spot with a spillway and creek. There are plenty of fish to catch including sunfish and bluegill. This beautiful fishing spot is open to the public, and would be great for kids and adults alike. I am fishing a simple float rig today, and easily catch a bunch of long ear sunfish. I also catch a bluegill and even a green sunfish.

If you are driving by Walter Hill Dam, consider stopping and throwing a line out. Its a good fishing spot, below the dam and also a little further down in the creek.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Desperate Fishing Channels Will Steal This Bass Fishing Setup!

In this episode: The desperate fishing channels will steal this bass fishing setup, and do their own lame story about how they learned it a long time ago. This easy bass fishing rig consists of a plastic crawfish with one or both claws torn off. It should be quite obvious if this rig is copied and presented as unique. No one else is fishing clawless craws right know, so you know its a Realistic Fishing setup. I catch three bass today back to back to back, all on a craw missing its claws. I have a few other videos showing this rig off as well. If you see a desperate youtube channel trying to steal this bass fishing setup, tell them to “Keep it Realistic”


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HUGE BASS on a Weightless Worm! Summer Bass Fishing In Shallow Water

In the final episode this week: You can catch huge bass on a weightless worm! Summer bass fishing in shallow water can still produce bass like this. The water level at the lake is high, and bass are up exploring the flooded grass. This two part fishing video shows fish being caught on a wacky rig, as well as a weightless rig. I catch the biggest bass of the year today on the weightless worm rig, about ten feet from the bank. I caught 5 bass total when this trip was over. If you want to catch huge bass like this, try fishing in shallow water with a weightless worm.

Check it out in the video below!


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