I Should Have Used a BAITCASTER!! Losing Bass On Light Tackle Fishing

In the final episode this week: I should have used a baitcaster because losing bass on light tackle does happen! Fishing for bass with light tackle has its advantages, but it also has its downfalls. It took two days to finally hook into a bass, and I lost it in a snag. The 6 lb test line wasn’t strong enough to get the bass out of the submerged trees. After losing that fish, I switch to the baitcaster to avoid breaking the line again. I did end up catching another largemouth bass, but it was smaller than the one that got away.

If you are fishing near cover, maybe stick with using the baitcaster. Losing bass on light tackle stinks.

Check it out in the video below!


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Realistic Fishing Wants You to CATCH MORE BASS! This is How!

In the first episode this week: What does Realistic Fishing Want? He wants you to catch more bass, and this is how! Subscriber appreciation day is here. Thats right! Its subscriber appreciation day here on Realistic Fishing and that means you have a chance to catch more bass because you have a chance at five new bass fishing lures. Make sure you are subscribed, like the video, and leave a comment below. Money is tight now and this is one way Realistic Fishing can help. So thanks for all of the great comments and support over the years and best of luck to everyone who wants to catch more bass.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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This is the Hardest Time of Year to Catch Fish! (Hot Summer Fishing)

In this episode: This is the hardest time of year to catch fish! Hot summer fishing can be difficult, but fish can still be caught. I am out today fishing a float rig near the boat ramp. I am able to catch a handful of bluegill. I almost catch a largemouth bass. And I finish the trip off with a big skipjack! Yes, its hot out and the fish are difficult to catch. Hot Summer Fishing Tip: if you slow down, and figure out what they want, they can still be caught. Even during the hardest time of the year to catch fish, hot summer fishing can still be rewarding if you dont get discouraged.


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