Fishing for Catfish, Bass, and Bluegill at the Same Time! (Realistic)

In the first episode this week: Today I am fishing for catfish, bass, and bluegill at the same time. This is a realistic way to fish for all three. First I cast out my catfish bait, and get the rigs propped up. Then I use a different rig to fish for bass while those wait for a bite. I catch the first bass on a Baby Brush Hog. Then I switch to smaller lures to target bluegill, and maybe bass. I catch the second bass on a Mule Swimbait. and a tiny jig head. After giving up on catfish, I go for a walk and catch a few bluegill as well.

Fishing for catfish, bass, and bluegill at the same time is easy. Catching all three at the same time, ain’t.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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OZARK TRAIL 60 Piece Assorted Bass Lures Kit! Fishing Surprise Catch!

In this episode: Today I am fishing with the Ozark Trail 60 piece assorted Bass Lures kit from Walmart! Fishing with these yielded a surprising catch! This fishing lure kit was sent to the show by a generous subscriber. While attempting to catch a bass from the bank, I hook into a surprise fish! I thought it was a big bass. I make another unusual catch at a different spot too! The Ozark Trail bass kit contains worms, swimbaits, craws, and grubs. They are a bit smaller than I was expecting, and I hope to use them again. I had fun catching the surprise fish, and hopefully I catch some bass next time.


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Its a SAD Day for Realistic Fishing! Sad FISHING DREAMS Come True!

In the final episode this week: Its a sad day for Realistic Fishing! Today I am making SAD fishing dreams come true with fishing lures courtesy of Realistic Fishing! I appreciate all of my fishing fans and subscribers here on Youtube and across social media. Subscriber Appreciation Day is just one way I can give back for the loyal following that has been with me on this journey. By liking my videos and leaving a comment, you never know when you might have a SAD day. You just might hear Realistic Fishing call your name, and you will be on your way to having a SAD SAD day yourself!

Check it out in the video below!


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