Where To Catch Bass When Its HOT – Hot Bass Fishing Lures and Tips!

In the first episode this week: Do you know where to catch bass when its hot? Hopefully these bass fishing lures and tips will help you catch more fish when it hot and sunny. First off, if someone is fishing in one of your favorite spots, give them a few minutes and they might leave. Then wait a few more minutes for the fish to come back to the area. After not catching anything near the dock, and in open water, I head to my favorite Hot Day fishing spot. I really like fishing under trees, both on the bank, and in the water.

The cool shade is where the bass are hiding when its Hot! I catch largemouth bass on three different lures today, two different Yum Dingers and a Baby Brush Hog.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Bass Fishing With POWERBAIT Swimbait & MORE LURES To Try This Summer!

In this episode: Today I’m bass fishing with a PowerBait Swimbait that was sent in by a subscriber. I also unbox more lures to try this summer! The Berkley Powerbait Swimbait is a pre-rigged swimbait. It comes with the hook straight out of the package. I fish it near the dock, and at the edge of the trees. I make my way into the woods, and fish under the trees and finally catch one! I think the is my first largemouth bass caught on a Powerbait swimbait! Thanks again to all of the subscribers who send something to the show. I love unboxing lures and trying to catch fish on them!


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Early Summer Bass Fishing at My FAVORITE SPOTS with Retro Bassin’

In the final episode this week: Today we are out doing some early summer bass fishing at my favorite spots with Retro Bassin’! We start out around 12 o’clock noon and I catch the first fish of the day on a Strike King Rage craw. It just happens to be a Warmouth Sunfish. Then I catch a largemouth bass on the same Rage Craw. Then I catch an even bigger bass on the craw. We jump around and fish a few spots before Retro Bassin gets his first bass at Skeletor Park. I catch another bass there as well. Finally we end up at the club where I catch a few bluegill and he catches a nice bass near the downed trees. I had a great time bass fishing with Retro Bassin’, you can find his channel below.

Check it out in the video below!


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