How to Find Fish on a Hot Sunny Day! Realistic Bass Fishing from Shore

In the first episode this week: Want to know how to find fish on a hot sunny day? This is realistic bass fishing from shore and these tips are great for pond fishing, as well as small and medium sized lakes. When the hot sun is beating down on the water, the fish want what we want. They are looking for a cool dark place to sit, and eat. Fishing the bank where there isn’t much shade, can be rather difficult. So look for some trees over the water, and in the water! This is where beginners and experienced anglers can find bass hiding on a hot sunny day. And be sure to say the magic words… #realistic #fishing

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Late Spring Bass Fishing with a Texas Rig – Post Spawn Bass Fishing!

In this episode: In late spring, bass fishing fish a Texas Rig still produces fish. Post spawn bass fishing can be tricky, but the fish can still be caught. Since June is just days away, the temperatures are going up, and the fishing patterns are changing. The fish are hiding in the shade of cover like docks, rocks, and trees. Remember, the Texas Rig is a beginner friendly fishing rig. So if you have spare time in the late spring, maybe try bass fishing with a Texas Rig. You just might catch a few. You can even catch them right after the spawn.


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Bass Fishing in a PUBLIC Park! Cheap & Easy Bass Fishing for Beginners

In the final episode this week: Today we are doing some bass fishing in a public park. This is cheap and easy bass fishing for beginners and experienced anglers alike. I arrive at the park around 7 o’clock am, and start fishing with a Texas rigged plastic worm. After fishing for a while without any bites, I switch to a creature bait. I quickly catch a nice big bass in the same area. This shows they are more interested in the creature. I also pick up a bunch of fishing line left on the bank before catching another largemouth bass. Public areas like the park and a great place for beginners to catch bass, to get out there and try it if you can.

Check it out in the video below!


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