Fishing for BASS and BLUEGILL with a Zebco Bullet (30 YEARS OLD!)

In the final episode this week: Today I’m fishing for bass and bluegill with a Zebco Bullet from 1992! This reel is 30 years old! I start of fishing from a dock while I try to catch bluegill. I catch a handful of nice sized bluegill, but then I get curious about bass. Can the zebco bullet even catch a bass being this old? Yes! I fish a texas rig baby brush hog and catch two largemouth bass. I had a great time remembering back to when I was young and fishing with a Zebco Bullet. It can easily catch bass and bluegill now, and I bet it could back then if I were a better fisherman years ago.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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My FIRST BASS on a SNAG PROOF Fishing Lure!!! Featuring Retro Bassin’

In the first video this week: After 40 YEARS I caught my first bass on a Snag Proof fishing lure! This video features Retro Bassin with some insight into soft plastic lures like the Snag Proof Frog. I have seen these lures in tackle boxes throughout the 1980s and I even had a few myself back then. I lost my classic frog, mouse, and minnow, long ago. But today I open a box from Retro Bassin that includes a variety of snag proof lures as well as some other retro topwater lures.

It feels good to finally be able to conquer my childhood hang up with Snag Proof and finally catch that first bass on it. #realistic #fishing

Retro Bassin here:

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Can You Catch Bass at a Public Park? Bank Fishing for Bass (Texas Rig)

In this episode: Can you catch bass at a public park? Today we’re bank fishing for bass with Texas Rigs! I am over at the Lucky Unlucky Spot and the water is looking a bit muddy. I grab a few dark colored Baby Brush Hogs and hit the bank. Right next to the boat dock, I catch my first bass of the day. Then I catch an aggressive warmouth! I even catch a couple moure largemouth bass after that! There are still bass to be caught at public parks. Familiarize yourself with the waterfront, and and gain confidence that you can catch a bass there!

Check it out in the video below!

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