Ozark Trail Plastic Worm! This Small Lure Catches Bass (Realistic)

In the first episode this week: This Ozark Trail Plastic Worm saved the day! This small lure catches bass when I cant get them on anything else. Realistic Fishing starts out fishing with a larger worm, at two different locations. Then I go to a third fishing spot and change to the smaller Ozark Trail plastic worm. I rig this rig 2 different ways. I fish it on a jig head as a wacky rig. I also thread it on the jig like a Ned Rig.

I end up catching three largemouth bass just before it gets dark. Maybe try a small 3.5 inch stick worm like this Ozark Trail, it just might save you from a skunk that night.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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When To CHANGE LURES to Catch More Fish – Beginner Fishing Basics!

In this episode:  Knowing when to change lures to catch more fish! These are the beginner fishing basics. When you are fishing with a particular lure, and its obvious the fish want something else, that is the perfect time to change lures. Today I am fishing in the mouth of a creek and I can clearly see skipjack chasing baitfish. Since I am not catching anything with the bass lure, its time to change to an Arkie Jig called the Shineee Hineee! This small and flashy jig is just right for skipjack! It might even catch a bass if they could grab it. I changed lures, I caught more fish.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Realistic Fishing! Sad Day For Bass Fishing Subscribers

In the final episode this week: Happy Birthday Realistic Fishing! Thats right, its a happy day for me and a SAD day for my subscribers. Even though its my birthday, its also Subscriber Appreciation Day! I go over the great night of birthday fun including my chance to get in a wrestling ring, winning at the arcade, and of course giving away some lures to a lucky subscriber. I really appreciate everyone who watches Realistic Fishing, and everyone who contributes my my awesome birthday. Even though its a sad day for a lucky subscriber, don’t feel down. It could be your turn to be SAD real soon.

Check it out in the video below!


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