Shore Fishing in December With Minnows – Are There ANY Fish Left?

In the first episode this week: It’s December and we are doing some shore fishing with minnows. But are there any fish left? Lets go down to the log and try to catch some bluegill, crappie, or anything else that will go for live minnows. As I suspected the fishing is slow today. But that wont stop my from catching anything I can. On the minnows, I caught a total of four fish today. Three of today’s fish are bluegill and one is a yellow bass.

The fish aren’t completely gone yet. So if you feel like bank fishing in fall and winter, minnows might be the way to go to catch a few.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Trout Fishing For the FIRST Time This Season! (Small Creek Rainbow)

In this episode: Are you ready to go rainbow trout fishing for the first time this season? That’s right, its trout fishing time again on Realistic Fishing. Today I try a few different baits in my pursuit for that first trout. I don’t catch anything on the egg, nor the artificial corn. However, I do catch 3 stocked rainbow trout on the red worms. Hopefully the fishing will get a little better as the stocked trout get acclimated. This small creek is shallow, and the trout are skittish. But this is the time to get out there and get your first trout of the season.


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This Was the ONLY Good Deal at Academy Sports (Topwater Kings)

In this episode: Can you believe this was the only good deal at Academy Sports? Fishing lures are so expensive now, I hardly ever find anything to buy. But this Topwater Kings fishing kit was both affordable and a good deal. It contains 12 topwater fishing lures. It is normally fifty dollars, but it was on sale for twenty dollars. That is just under two dollars per lure. I take each lure out and look at them. I also pick a winner for the Whopper Plopper! Do you think this Heddon, Arborgast, Rebel, Topwater Kings box is a good deal?

Check it out in the video below!


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