Early Winter Creek Fishing for Stocked Trout & Something for YOU!

In the first episode this week: Today I am doing a little early winter creek fishing for trout, and I have something for you! While trout fishing I try an egg, a worm and don’t catch anything. But after trying the worm and egg together, I finally catch a fish! The water in this creek is sow low, an these trout are paranoid. They can easily see me, so they aren’t really interested in eating.

Since its a slow day, I have decided to do a secret giveaway for the people who watch this video. Be sure to subscribe, like, and leave a comment to be entered for a chance. Shipping to USA only.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Trout Fishing With Lures From Temu! Temu Trout Eggs vs Live Worms

In this episode: Today I am doing some trout fishing with lures from TEMU! Will the Temu Trout eggs catch more fish than live worms? Our fishing location is below a spillway. This is a common public fishing area that has stocked trout. Experienced trout fisherman and beginners fish here. I catch the first rainbow trout on the trout lures from Temu. I actually get two bites on the eggs, but I lose one in a tree branch. The next two stocked rainbow trout are caught on worms. It was almost a tie, but the worms barely outperformed the trout eggs. If you are ordering from Temu, maybe add some cheap lures like these eggs, if you have $2.00 to spend.


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How To Spot Scammers on Youtube! Realistic Fishing Giveaway Scammers

In this episode: This is how you spot scammers on Youtube! Yep, Realistic Fishing has giveaway scammers pretending to be me. They will use my picture to trick people into paying money! Please remember that Realistic Fishing will never tell you to pay any money, to anyone! These scammers continue to plague Youtube and leave a nasty stain on its reputation. I really want to do more giveaways, but I can’t have people falling for this junk and believing its me. I am here to make a Realistic Fishing show, and to give back to my faithful subscribers. But these scammers are ruining it for everyone.

Check it out in the video below!


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