Catching Fish to Keep and Eat with i_fish (Boat Fishing for Keepers)

In the first episode this week: Today we continue boat fishing with i_fish and we’re catching fish to keep and eat. We previously caught white bass, yellow bass, and skipjack. We catch a lot more as we fish different spots near the power plant. The large white bass and yellow bass are coming home with me to keep and eat. The skipjacks, we are letting them go. They would make great catfish bait, and maybe we will try that next time.

If you are looking to catch fish you can keep and eat, white bass and yellow bass are good. And if you can fish for them from a boat with i_fish, even better.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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How To Catch Skipjack and Yellow Bass from a Boat (Part 1)

In this episode: Know how to catch skipjack and yellow bass from a boat?! Today I am fishing out in the boat with fellow fisherman i_fish. We are catching yellow bass, skipjack herring, and even white bass. We are both fishing with lighter gear today so the fishing is extra fun. I am fishing with 6 lb test mono on a spinning combo. My lure of choice is a gulp minnow, and i_fish is using a variety of small rigs. We catch so many fish, there will be a part two coming soon. Watch how Victor and I catch these fish and maybe you can apply it to your next attempt to load the boat with skipjack and yellow bass.


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These Fishing Reels are BETTER Than NEW! Upgraded CHEAP Fishing Reels!

In this episode: Are these fishing reel better than new? These upgraded cheap fishing reels were worked on by i_fish! I can’t wait to try these reels out. I have a rebuilt Ozark Trail Baitcaster, and a 13 Fishing Code black. Both of them have been redone with new components (like bearings) that are better than what they came with brand new. This is a fun idea, and I am thankful for i_fish and the time he put into the fishing reel repair and maintenance. These reels have been catching fish for years on the show, and now they have a new lease on life. Be sure to watch i_fish rebuilt the baitcaster at the link below. Will they be better than new? I have a feeling they will!

Check it out in the video below!


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Testing the 13 Fishing CODE BLACK Spinning Reel (Rebuild)

In the final episode this week: Today I am testing the 13 Fishing Code Black spinning reel that i_fish rebuilt. This reel has upgraded bearings, has been cleaned and greased, and the handle has been replaced. I get to fishing with it and a few bluegill in, I notice a click clack sound. I see that the replacement handle isn’t going to work with the particular reel. The handle collides with the bail causing that knocking sound. Despite the handle not fitting properly, the internals feel like they are working smoothly. I am going to replace the handle with a 13 Fishing handle from a different reel. Then it should be ready to go.

Check it out in the video below!


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