Original PowerBait Catches Bass When I Can’t Get a BITE! Bass Fishing

Original PowerBait Catches Bass When I Cant Get Fish to Bite - Realistic Fishing

In the first episode this week we have some success. Finally, the Original Powerbait catches a bass when I can’t get a bite! When the bass fishing is slow, I start to throw all sorts of stuff at em just to get a bite. The Powerbait Lugworm (original formula) finally came through and I caught a bass after trying for two days. Watch me strike out the first day only to go back for more. Persistence + PowerBait finally got it done on day two. If you can’t get a bite, throw everything you got at em. I got luck on a Lugworm wacky rig. Hopefully you can find a few bass too.

Check it all out in the video below.

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Bass and Panfish Lures Sent to Realistic Fishing + Signed EPF Photo

Bass and Panfish Lures Sent to Realistic Fishing Signed EPF Photo - Realistic Fishing

For the second episode this week on Realistic Fishing we open Bass and Panfish lures as well as a signed EPF photo just for me. The bass fishing is so slow right now. So to cheer myself up, I open the mail sent in by subscribers. Included are fishing reels, bass fishing lures, stickers, shirts and more! I am very thankful to everyone who sends something in to the show. When the fishing stinks, looking at lures and fan mail really helps to keep things fun. I really hope the fishing improves soon and I can’t wait for cooler weather.

Watch what happened in the video below.

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Bluegill Fishing with a Float (Bobber) and Gulp Minnows – New Lake!

Bluegill Fishing with a Float Bobber and Gulp Minnows New Lake - Realistic Fishing

In the last episode this week we are Bluegill Fishing with a float (bobber) and Gulp Minnows at a new lake. Since I haven’t fished this lake before, I am starting small to learn what I can about the bank. I fish near downed trees and the dock trying to catch a few bluegill if I can. Luckily I catch a few nice sized fish on my confidence panfish bait. I am excited to learn about this new lake and I hope to catch some more nice fish. I will talk more about the fishing club in future videos. We will see if its a good fit for me and who knows, maybe it will encourage others to support and preserve local fishing spots.

Check it out in the video below.

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