Bass Fishing in the Weeds With a Weedless Texas Rig (Bank Fishing)

In the first episode this week: Today we’re doing some bass fishing in the weeds with a weedless Texas Rig. This bank fishing technique is slightly more difficult due to the thick weeds. Using a Texas Rig, I am able to rig it with the hook point hidden in the lure. Now I can skim it over the top of the weeds, then let it dive under. I am able to catch three largemouth bass as the sun goes down. Soon it was dark and it was time to go.

Try bass fishing in the weeds, even from the bank and you too might catch a few largemouth bass.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Largemouth Bass LOVE Keitech Swimbaits – Texas Rig Swimbait Fishing!

In this episode: Its true, largemouth bass love Keitech Swimbaits! Today we are doing some Texas Rig swimbait fishing from the bank. Did you know you can also fish swimbaits on Texas Rigs? That’s right, there are more ways to fish them other than on a jig head. Using this technique you can fish them on top, on the bottom, and everywhere in between. I manage to catch four largemouth bass this evening, including one big bass weighing over three pounds. If you have a few swimbaits laying around, maybe try fishing them on a Texas Rig. The largemouth bass around here love them.


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SAD 4th of July for Realistic Fishing – Bass and Crappie Lures!!!

In the final episode this week: Its a SAD 4th of July for one lucky Realistic Fishing subscriber. I have some bass and crappie lures picked out for this Subscriber Appreciation Day. Googan Baits, Mister Twisters and more, are up for grabs. I really hope the lucky winner can get out there and catch some crappie and bass on these unique lures. I hope everyone out there has a happy Independence Day, and I hope you can get out and do some bass fishing. Be sure to comment on videos and next time may be your turn to have a SAD day courtesy of Realistic Fishing.

Check it out in the video below!


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