Bluegill Fishing When Its HOT! Micro Jig Head Fishing For Big Bluegill

In the first episode this week: This is bluegill fishing when its hot! Today I am using a micro jig head while fishing for big bluegill. After failing at bass fishing, its time to turn up the heat and use a new favorite rig of mine. The i_fish micro jig head and a Gulp Alive Minnow (1 inch) are catching some jumbo bluegill, as well as a few smaller ones mixed in. Fishing this combo under a weighted float makes casting easy and bites more obvious.

If you are having a hard time catching bass, maybe downsize and try a micro jig head and a Gulp Minnow.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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I Can’t Believe the Bass Went For THIS? Bass Will Eat Anything!!!

In this episode: I can’t believe the bass went for this! Will bass eat anything? Today I am fishing with soft plastic crawfish from the bank. But the first bass I catch bites the claws off of my craw! I decide to fish with it anyway, and that is when the magic happens! I catch another largemouth bass on it right away. Then I catch a third bass on it a few minutes later. I catch more fish on the disfigured crawfish lure than I did on it straight out of the package. Some people say bass will eat anything. I can’t believe they went for a craw with no claws! Then again, maybe I can.


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Easy Bass Fishing ANYONE Can Try! Bank Fishing for Bass With Craws

In the final episode this week: This is easy bass fishing anyone can try! Today I am bank fishing for bass with craws. I am fishing with Powerbait craws on a Texas Rig. This easy fishing rig consists of a 1/8th oz weight, and a 3/0 ewg hook, and that’s it! Its so easy anyone can try it. I am casting it out along the shore line and slowly dragging and hopping it back to the bank. I catch four fish today. I catch three largemouth bass and one aggressive warmouth sunfish. If you are looking for an easy bass fishing rig, the Texas Rig craw is one of my favorites.

Check it out in the video below!


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