Bass Fishing at Public Parks! 1 Inch Gulp Alive Minnows & Texas Rigs

In the final episode this week: Today I am bass fishing at public parks with 1 inch gulp alive minnows and Texas Rigs. I start out fishing with the 1 inch gulp minnows and manage to a couple of bluegill (sunfish). The action is a bit slow, so I upsize to a Texas Rigged Baby Brush Hog. I give it a try at the LOG, but I don’t catch anything. I also try it at Skeletor Park, but I can’t catch anything there either. Finally after fishing 3 public parks, I find what I am looking for. I catch a big largemouth bass from the weeds. The bass goes for my lure when I fish it like a topwater lure, but can’t hold on. So I pitch it right back to fish, and catch it on the second try.

The bite isn’t crazy, but I am catching fish on both 1 inch gulp minnows and Texas Rigs.

Check it out in the video below!


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NED Rig Fishing From Shore – Early Fall Bass Fishing With a Ned Rig!

In this episode: Today we are doing some Ned Rig fishing from Shore. Early fall Bass fishing with a Ned rig can yield mixed results. I thought I was going to catch a bunch of fish today. Since I caught two largemouth bass in the first ten minutes, I thought I would be catching them all night, but that wasn’t the case. I did catch one on the second cast, and another one a few minutes later. But that was it! I didn;t get another bite for the rest of my time fishing. The weather is just starting to cool off, and the water temps should be going down too. If the bite is still slow in your area, maybe fishing with a Ned rig can get you a few bass.


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Fishing With Subscribers Lures – Ivan Ooze Bass Fishing Challenge!!

In the first episode this week: In today’s episode I am fishing with subscribers lures. This Ivan Ooze bass fishing challenge was made possible by Fishin Mortician. I received these purple worms in the mail, and just had to see if I could catch a bass. At the first location where I attempt to catch something, I strike out! But that doesn’t stop me from going out the next morning to try again. I get a bite on a wacky rig, but still can’t manage to catch anything. After switching to a mini Texas Rig, I finally catch a bass on the Ooze. I even catch another one after heading to another location.

I like the challenge of fishing with subscriber’s lures. Even tough lures like this Ivan Ooze.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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