Want To Catch BASS and BLUEGILL From Shore Without Live Bait?

In the first episode this week: Want to catch bass and bluegill from shore without live bait? In this video I catch both bass and bluegill from the bank on lures. I catch the first fish, a largemouth bass, on a Baby Brush Hog. After going to a different fishing spot, I catch a bunch of bluegill on a 1 inch Gulp Alive Minnow. I even get a visit from the TWRA asking about my catches. Before I leave I also catch a jumbo bluegill that is easily a keeper size.

If you want to catch bass and bluegill from the shore, maybe try these techniques to get a few.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Fishing at a Public Park for Bass – Bank Fishing at a Lake (Texas Rig)

In this episode: Today we are fishing at a public park for bass. Bank fishing at the lake can be difficult, but it can also be rewarding! I start out fishing with a Baby Brush Hog style creature bait. I am fishing it on a Texas Rig with 12 lb test mono. I am also using the $30 Ozark Trail Baitcaster again! Within the first 5 minutes I catch my first bass. Then as I move down the bank, I encounter some boat traffic so I go the other way. I get another nice bass on the line, but lose it in the weeds! Fishing at a public park can be challenging, but bank fishing for bass at a lake is always fun anyway.


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Fishing For Bluegill Bass & Catfish! The Freshwater Bank Fishing Slam!

In the final episode this week: Today I am fishing for bluegill, bass, and even catfish! For me, this is the frshwater bank fishing slam. First I catch the largemouth bass. I get it near the dock on a Texas Rigged Plastic worm. After that I switch to a 1 inch Gulp Minnow and target bluegill. This is when something HUGE grabs my minnow, but breaks me off after a strong run. After setting up a new rig, I catch a few bluegill by the dock. The last fish of the day is a surprise catfish on a 1 inch minnow! The catfish is close to two pounds! Now is a great time to bank fish for bluegill, bass, and even catfish.

Check it out in the video below!


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