How I Catch the Biggest Bass at the PUBLIC PARK! Bank Fishing For Bass

In the final episode this week: This is how I catch the biggest pass at the public park! Today I am bank fishing for bass with a finesse Texas rig and a Baby Brush Hog. Once again I am using the thirty dollar Ozark Trail baitcaster and it performs as I want it to because I catch a giant largemouth bass on the FIRST CAST! I then proceed to catch three more bass as I work the bank. It feels good catching the biggest bass around and I am happy to get another bass on the cheap combo to prove you don’t need to buy expensive gear.

Now is a great time to try bank fishing at your public parks, you just might catch the biggest bass there!

Check it out in the video below!


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Fishing For Bass With a Lucky Craft Pointer Jerkbait! (Baitcasting)

In this episode: Today I am fishing for bass with a Lucky Craft Pointer Jerkbait on a baitcasting rig! This bass fishing lure was sent in to the show by Nicole from The Last Cast with Ticktolic. Its a thin metallic crankbait made for twitching! I catch a largemouth bass on the second cast. And within 30 minutes I catch two more bass. The sun is going down earlier, so its cooling off and the day is ending sooner. Just before sundown is a great time to try for bass. You might even wat to try a jerkbait like the Lucky Craft Pointer. You could catch a few bass just like me.


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Bass on a NED Rigged Z-Man! PLUS Realistic Fishing Lures Update

In the first episode this week: Today I Catch a bass on a Ned Rigged Z-man soft plastic! Plus we have a Realistic Fishing lures update. The summer heat has really taken its toll on the bass fishing. But the bass fishing just might be getting better. Its been weeks since I caught a bass this nice! This two pound largemouth bass was was caught on the first cast. But I didn’t catch anything else that night. So its time to go back to the studio for a giveaway update.

So make sure you leave a comment below for a chance to win some bass fishing lures from Realistic Fishing.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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