NED RIG BASICS – Easy Bass Fishing With Ned Rigs!

In the final episode this week: Today I am going over some ned rig basics. Bass fishing with Ned Rigs is easy because they are easy to set up and fish. A Ned Rig consists of a mushroom style jig head, and your lure, and that’s it! I am fishing it on a medium light spinning combo with 6 pound test line. By simply hopping it off the bottom I am able to catch two largemouth bass in a short amount of time. I cover about 100 feet of shore in 20 minutes. I catch the bass on back to back casts next to the boat dock. The Ned Rig is an easy rig to set up, and its easy to fish in open water.

With these basics, you should be able to catch a bass yourself.

Check it out in the video below!


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Early Fall Fishing With a Texas Rig – Update for One Lucky Fisherman!!

In this episode: Today I am doing some early fall fishing with a Texas Rig. I am using a Baby Brush Hog creature bait. I am using 12 lb test mono, on a $30 Ozark Trail baitcaster. This short trip only resulted in one fish. The largemouth bass was somewhere between 1/2 lb and 3/4 pounds. While not the biggest fish in the lake, it was fun for a short trip to the Public Park at the lake. After this we go to the studio to pick one lucky fisherman for the random lure package that was previously unclaimed. Good luck to you in your early fall fishing adventures.


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Fishing From Shore at a Public Park! Fall Bass Fishing Lures That Work

In this episode: Today we’re fishing from shore at a public park! Today I am showing two fall bass fishing lures that work. The first one is a Berkley Flicker Shad. As the fall weather sets in, the bass (and yellow bass) with start chasing down baitfish like shad. I catch the first yellow bass of the season out in open water on a flicker shad. Then after changing to my late summer favorite, the baby brush hog, I catch two largemouth bass! Both are caught nears docks fishing a Texas Rig on the bottom. The last bass of the day is about one pound. If you have a chance to fish from shore at a public park, you might want to try these fall bass fishing lures. They work.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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