Fishing Conditions

fishing conditions

When it comes to catching fish, the weather conditions can have a huge impact. Knowing how your weather conditions affect the water can make your fishing experience a lot more productive. Rain or shine, here are a few things to keep in mind.Continue reading

Finding Lures

plastic crawfish

Live bait isn’t always an option. Thankfully there are many artificial baits out there to choose from. Lures are made from metal, plastic, feathers, hair, foam, rubber… you name it. Choosing a lure plays a large role in catching that fish. Pick a lure that mimics something the fish feed on like insects, crawfish, or minnows.
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Targeting Certain Fish

White Bass Striped Bass Hybrid

Sometimes people go fishing to catch whatever is biting. Other times they are after a certain type of fish. Deciding what fish you are after can determine what type of bait and tackle you want to bring with you. Here are a few tips on specific types of fish.

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