Am I the ONLY One Who Cares?

Deer Poachers - Am I the ONLY One Who Cares Realistic Fishing

I am starting to feel like I am the only one who cares that my park is being littered with deer carcasses. A few weeks ago I found a deer that was dressed and dumped in the water at my favorite winter fishing spot, IN THE WATER on the shoreline. I made a call and reported it to the local game warden, but nothing happened. Almost a week later, I ended up dragging it out of the water so I could continue to fish there. Now, a couple weeks later at the very same spot, I notice another deer in the water! Once can be a fluke, but twice is a pattern. I am getting tired of finding dead animals dumped at the park.

Why isn’t anyone else doing anything about this? Am I the only one who cares?

Check it all out in the video below.

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This Isn’t the First Time Someone Has Dressed and Dumped a Deer in the Lake

I reported the first incident at this very same location at the end of October. This has happened again in less than 3 weeks. It’s sad that the parks can’t keep up with the mess others leave behind so I often clean up behind them. And now to have this going on unchecked is total crap.

See the first incident in the video below.

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I am not exactly sure who is in charge of protecting this park from malicious dumping and flagrant littering. The trash crew might be pointing the finger at the game warden, they might be pointing the finger back at the trash crew but all I know is I’m the one that ends up cleaning it up. While I enjoy leaving the park looking better than I found it, I am getting tired of picking up after the locals that trash these parks. Is there anyone else in Tennessee who cares about this? Keep it Realistic. 

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