Bass Fishing with Subscriber’s Lures – Plastic Worms and Craws!

Bass Fishing with Subscribers Lures Plastic Worms and Craws - Realistic Fishing

To start the week off, I’m out bass fishing with lures sent in by subscribers! I’m trying out a few craws and plastic worms that subscribers have sent in to the show. We don’t even know what brand these lures happen to be, but I am still able to rig them up and catch some bass. Yamamoto, Yum, Zoom, and Googan Baits really are all more similar than they are different. So if you know you can catch fish on one, you will probably be able catch fish on any of them. As long as you are confident in the lure style like worm, craw or creature, you will typically be able to catch fish on any brand. I ended up catching three bass without even knowing who made these lures.

Watch it all happen in the video below.

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Realistic Fishing Lure Deals on Antiques and Vintage Tackle + Trivia!

Realistic Fishing Lure Deals on Antiques and Vintage Tackle Trivia - Realistic Fishing

In the second episode this week we’re checking out some realistic fishing lure deals on some vintage tackle and antique lures. It’s also time to find a winner for the realistic fishing trivia game! Now that stores are starting to open up again, I’m happy to be out there looking for lures. I  like new lures, old lures, used lures, and my collection really is growing. There is definitely more to fishing than just catching fish. There are so many lures out there and they can really be a fun thing to collect. I may end up going fishing with them, maybe not. Either way I’m happy to have them in my collection. Best of luck to everyone on this round of trivia and thanks for watching Realistic Fishing. Keep it Realistic!

Check it out in the video below.

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Testing a New Bass Fishing Lure FUZZY Craw + Big Fish Catch Surprise!

Testing a New Bass Fishing Lure FUZZY Craw Big Fish Catch Surprise - Rabid Baits Fuzzy Craw

In the final episode of the week, we check out a new type of lure. Sometimes I like testing new bass fishing lures, especially when they end up catching some nice bass like this fuzzy craw did. This is the first unique idea for a lure I’ve seen in quite awhile. It does seem like the other fishing lure companies out there copy each other every other day, so a new lure like this tends to stands out. This Rabid Baits Rabid Craw has claws that are soft like fine feathers or fuzz. Compared to most soft plastics out there, the action can be very subtle and unique. I was happy to catch a nice bass on one! I was happy that I accidentally caught another big fish! But what kind of fish was it?

See how it went down in the video below.

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