Is This Your Little Fishing Spot? – Realistic Fishing Pet Peeve!!!

Is This Your Little Fishing Spot Realistic Fishing Pet Peeve - Realistic Fishing

In the first episode this week we see some fishing etiquette at its finest. “Is this your little spot?” she asked. This is another fun fishing pet peeve of mine. When someone walks up and casts right next to you, and then asks if you are fishing there. Really? These people can clearly see me fishing off the end of the dock, and as they pull up right next to me, I catch a skipjack on a jerkbait. Then as soon as they get out of the car, I hear her bait splash right next to me and I look over at her as she asks “Hey, this is your little spot?”. So nice. I reply that I was fishing there, but she can have it now. Another person with her asked me if I wasn’t catching any, which I answered with – two.
It’s really annoying when people crowd me into leaving my spot. Fishing etiquette is dead.

Check it all out in the video below.

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Bass Fishing in EARLY Spring – Shallow Water Bass Fishing (Realistic)

Bass Fishing in EARLY Spring Shallow Water Bass Fishing Realistic - Realistic Fishing

In the second video this week, we see how bass fishing in early spring can be a real challenge. You can catch a few fish when shallow water bass fishing in 50 degree water, but I wouldn’t expect any giants. The smaller bass tend to move into the unstable shallow water first. They will feed near the bank on things like minnows and insects that land on the water. You can trick a few of them with a small jerkbait like the one I am using in the video. If you catch a few small bass like I did, you can expect larger bass to show up later in the season. As the temperature continues to fluctuate, the bass bite will fluctuate as well. Give early spring bass fishing a try, but remember its cold shallow water.

See it all in the video below!

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The Bass are Getting Bigger! How to Catch Spring Bass in Shallow Water

The Bass are Getting Bigger How to Catch Spring Bass in Shallow Water - Realistic Fishing

In the final episode this week, we see the bass are finally getting bigger. This is how I catch spring bass in shallow water. Using a small jerkbait, I can work the shallow areas slowly, or quickly. This lure gives me the ability to pause, crank, and twitch. These pre spawn bass are looking to feed while the weather is nice and the water starts to warm up. The smaller bass come to the bank first and thankfully the larger bass aren’t too far behind. Today’s largest bass was around one pound and I caught a total of 5 fish. Now that the bass are getting bigger, I hope you’re ready to try spring bass fishing in shallow water.

Check it out in the video below!

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