Crappie Fishing From Shore With GULP Minnows! Float Fishing For Crappie

In the first episode this week: Today we are doing some crappie fishing from shore with Gulp Minnows. Float fishing for crappie can even be done with artificial minnows like Gulp Alive. In this trip to the log I start out with a Jerkbait and catch a small bass. But after slowing down and switching to gulp, I am able to catch two nice crappie. One of them is about 9 inches, the other crappie is larger around 11 inches. You can still catch crappie with artificial lures from the bank.

With a float, and a slow approach, maybe you can find and catch some fall crappie from shore .

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Exploring the LAKE on a Boat and Fishing With Youtuber i_fish

In this episode: Today I am out exploring the lake on a boat! I am fishing with fellow Youtuber i_Fish. Its a wet and windy day to be out on a boat but we are still out there fishing. I am fishing with Gulp Minnows on a BG-1 Micro Jig head. I_Fish is fishing with Keitech lures. I tried some Bass fishing with a baitcaster, but I didnt even get a bite. Between us we caught crappie, bluegill, yellow bass, skipjack, and small bass. The water was rough, but we explored the lake looking for some calm fishing locations, and there we caught some fish.


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We Found a Hidden Cove and Fished it from a Boat (Fishing with i_fish)

In the final episode this week: We found a hidden cove and fished it from a boat. I am out fishing the lake with i_fish. It’s a windy day out on the water and we already caught a few bluegill, yellow bass, and one spot. We move down the lake and find this hidden cove. It has impressive docks, and there are fish in the area. I catch a skipjack, a crappie, and a few bluegill. If you want to escape the wind, and still catch fish. Look for a forgotten fishing hole like this one. If it has docks, the chances of catching fish go way up!

Check it out in the video below!


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