YUM Christie Craw Catches Big Bass! Bass Fishing In a Public Lake

In the first episode this week: Yes, the YUM Christie Craw catches Big Bass! Today I am bass fishing in a public lake and I hook up with a big bass on a Texas Rigged Craw. This bass is in the 3 to 4 pound range! I got it simply fishing from the bank at a local public fishing area. After leaving that spot (but still fishing the same lake) I switch to a Gulp Minnow, and I catch another nice fish. This time I catch a 15 inch skipjack! I hope the weather starts cooling off more, because I think it will help the bass fishing. Maybe you want to try a Yum Christie Craw and catch a big bass at your public lake.

If you want to catch bass and bluegill from the shore, maybe try these techniques to get a few.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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How to WACKY RIG a GULP MINNOW – NEW WAY to Fish with Gulp!

In this episode: This is how you wacky rig a Gulp Minnow and catch fish! This is a new way to fish with Gulp Minnows, and it was suggested by a fan in the comments. I decided to try it out and I caught some big bluegill! I tried it on a drop shot, and a fishing it under a float, and both methods worked! I am always open to good advice and suggestions, and this was a fun one. If you have some extra gulp minnows laying around, maybe you want to try this too. You just might discover a new way to fish with Gulp Minnows.


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CRAPPIE FISHING Season Has Officially Started – Hard and Soft Lures!

In the final episode this week: Its that time, crappie season has officially started! I am bank fishing today, with hard and soft lures, to see what is biting. I start off fishing with a soft lure, the Gulp Minnow. After catching a single sunfish, I decide to switch to the hard lure (Salmo Minnow). Shortly after, the hard lure catches a nice skipjack. Then, after moving to The Log, I catch the first crappie of the season! This big crappie chased down a hard plastic minnow lure. Not long after that I catch another nice crappie! The crappie fishing season is starting, and these are some great looking crappie I am catching from the bank.

Check it out in the video below!


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