DAISO DOLLAR STORE Bass Fishing Lures Are REAL? Daiso Fishing Lures!

Daiso DOLLAR STORE Bass Fishing Lures Are REAL? Daiso Fishing Lures

Can you believe these Daiso Dollar Store Bass fishing lures are real? In this episode we check out these Daiso lures that were sent to the show by a subscriber. These baits look surprisingly great for just one dollar! I’m curious how they perform and will absolutely try bass fishing with them in the future. Thanks to everyone who sends mail in to the show. I have a great time looking at all of the different lures that are available, like these Daiso Japanese bass fishing lures.

I especially like cheap fishing lures like these! Fishing doesn’t have to be expensive and I actually enjoy the challenge and thrill of catching bass on budget gear.

Check it out in the video below!

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Why I LOVE the Zoom Baby Brush Hog! Texas Rig Bass Fishing (Summer)

Why I LOVE the Zoom Baby Brush Hog Texas Rig Bass Fishing in Summer - Realistic Fishing

In this episode we see: This is why I love the Zoom Baby Brush Hog! Bass Fishing with a Texas Rig during the summer really is one of my favorite ways to do it. I like to use a lower profile worm hook since they aren’t as thick as a crawfish lure. Again, using the best $30 baitcaster that’s made a number of appearances on the show so far, I’m able to catch three largemouth bass tonight. Two of the bass are caught on a Green Pumpkin colored Brush Hog and the other on Black Emerald. When its hot outside like it is right now, a small, slow, presentation like a Baby Brush Hog on a Texas Rig might be just what you need to catch a few bass. Say it three times and you just might love them too!

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Bass Fishing With a Drop Shot When Its Hot! Cheap & Easy Bass Fishing

Bass Fishing With a Drop Shot When Its Hot Cheap Easy Bass Fishing - Realistic Fishing

In this episode, we’re bass fishing with a drop shot when its HOT outside. This cheap and easy bass fishing rig consists of a $10 Ozark Trail Spinning combo, two pinch on sinkers and a hook. The lures I’m using are a Roboworm and an X Zone drop shot bait. The first bass I catch is right around 1.5 pounds. I catch it on the Roboworm. The second fish is a quarter pounder with cheese, and it came on the X Zone lure. When its hot out, a drop shot can get a bite if you are willing to fish slow and low. You can still get out there and find a cheap and easy combo like this $10 Ozark Tail spinning combo that is absolutely good enough to have you catching some fish.

See it all in the video below!

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