Bass Fishing at Public Parks – Texas Rig Brush Hog Catches Bass

Bass Fishing at Public Parks Texas Rig Brush Hog Catches Bass - Realistic Fishing

In the first episode of the week I’m bass fishing at public Parks and the Texas Rig Brush Hog is what catches the bass. Initially I started out fishing a skirted grub and did get a couple of bites. The brush guard on the jig head however is a little on the stiff side and as a result, I was having a tough time hooking the fish.  I changed lures after a while to the brush hog that was sent in by a subscriber. Its not until fishing the boat ramp at the last park I went to that I finally ended up catching a bass. Due to all of the people fishing lately, the pressure at these parks is on the rise. I hope I can keep catching some bass at these public parks.

Watch it all happen in the video below.

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Bass Fishing with Plastic Worms & Braided Line! YUM Dinger Wacky Rig

Bass Fishing with Plastic Worms and Braided Line YUM Dinger Wacky Rig - Realistic Fishing

In this episode we go bass fishing with plastic worms and braided line. I am using a Texas Rig Juice Worm and a Yum Dinger wacky rig to temp these post spawn bass. The first fishing spot I try yields exactly zero fish so I move on. Just as I am about to try a different park I see a few guys out there carrying a chainsaw! Pass for a few, but after a while I return to the chainsaw park and manage to catch a couple of largemouth bass. I end up catching one of the bass right in front of a guy in his boat. He leaves the area shortly thereafter. This is definitely a good time to try fishing with plastic worms, and if you fish in the weeds like I do, braided line can totally help.

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Fishing for Bass with Topwater & Texas Rigs – Beginners Can Try This!

Fishing for Bass with Topwater Texas Rigs Beginners Can Try This - Realistic Fishing

In the final episode of the week we’re fishing for Bass with Topwater & Texas rigs. Its easy enough that beginners can give this a try. Bass fishing at local parks can be fun and parks are a good place to try different lures. Sometimes you can try two different lures and  catch two different fish in the same area. One bass might be chasing minnows while another is keyed in on craws. I am able to catch one bass on the Rage Craw and another on the Texas Rig Juice Worm! I caught fish on two out of four lures I tried. Sometimes its good to change lures and sometimes its a waste of time.

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