In this episode we’re at The Gulf State Park Pier on the Gulf in Gulf Shores, AL. Its a great place to go fishing and its easy enough for beginners. This is my third time pier fishing and as a beginner myself, I like to fish with shrimp and cut bait. I’m typically using packaged rigs that have a couple hooks on each rig. I manage to catch a few croakers, whiting, hard head catfish, and a Gafftopsail catfish. I was happy that I even caught a bait fish on a sabiki rig! The views at the Gulf State Park Pier are amazing and you might even see a shark or two under the pier. If you are new to pier fishing, I’d definitely recommend you try the Gulf State Park Pier.

Its a great location and easy enough for beginners to catch fish and have fun. Check it out in the video below.

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