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Cleaning Up Trash at Your Local Park - Realistic Fishing

In this episode I’m out here cleaning up trash at the new trout fishing spot at Don Fox Park in Tennessee. Realistic Fishing is known for cleaning up local parks when the localities and the companies hired to keep them clean fail to do so. Parks with streams or creeks are particularly prone to the buildup of litter and trash. Combined trash from visitors throwing things on the ground and litter washing in from upstream means even more cleanup is necessary. Unfortunately, trashy parks are such a problem, this is the 9th video in my Park Clean Up Series.

I’m honestly surprised at the amount of trash that was laying around Don Fox Park. This is a very popular park in Wilson Co TN, complete with a nice playground, walking track and trails. There are usually quite a few cars in the parking lot whenever I drive by and I was shocked at how many people just kept walking the trails, chatting with friends or on their phones and walking past all the trash and not even giving it another thought.

It really is unfortunate that no one else wanted to pick up the trash that was laying around. Hopefully all of the bags of garbage I removed from the park today will make it a more pleasant experience for fishermen and everyone else who visits. People were looking at me like I was crazy for cleaning up the park. I think they are crazy for not pitching in. A few people may help clean up the park at times but I know from the looks I got many of them don’t. I assume people would be losing their minds and telling everyone they know if this trash caused someone to get sick or hurt.

Cleaning up the trash to make a trout fishing spot better is not only responsible and helps make up for the other jerks out there, it’s Realistic! Hopefully this video can inspire fishermen and other people visiting the park to contribute to its beautification. Thanks for pitching in and Keep it Realistic!

Check it out in the video below!

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How to Help Clean Up Your Local Parks

It seems like some people don’t care or know how to help keep their local parks clean. I always see plenty of people out there enjoying the parks but so few actually helping clean up after the jerks that don’t care. I know people these days like to display to others how great they are and what trash other people are. This is a great way to show others that you are an amazing specimen of a human. Let’s see how it’s done.

  1. Keep trash bags in your car or whatever bag you typically bring with you when you go out and about
  2. If you’re worried about what you may be touching, keep some gloves with you
  3. When you’re at the park, keep your eye out for bits of trash or areas that have small piles here and there
  4. Pull out a bag (and if need be, put on your gloves)
  5. Bend over and pick up that trash
  6. Put the trash in your bag
  7. Look for the next piece of trash and do the same
  8. Continue doing this until you get tired of doing this because odds are good that you won’t be able to get it all but hey, you made a good dent!
  9. Bask in the glory of being a nice human and not a jerk like the walking turd that left the trash there in the first place.
  10. BONUS: Take photos or video of yourself doing your good deed and show people how easy it is to pitch in and how awesome you are.


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