How to Find Fish in Winter – Finding Fish While Fishing From the Bank

In this episode: Want to know how to find fish in winter? It starts with moving around, and not fishing the same spot when there are no fish. When you realize there might not be any fish at your spot, you have to be willing to leave. You have a better chance after moving because you can’t catch fish that aren’t there. I try a Gulp Minnow and a worm at the log, but I don’t catch a single fish. After driving to a new spot near a boat launch, I start catching some. You can’t be afraid to move. That is how you will find fish in the winter.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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The First Fishing Lure Unboxing of the Year! Realistic Fishing Lures

In this episode: This is the first fishing lure unboxing of the year! Realistic Fishing has the best fans and they send in the best lures, because I can give some away to you. I received a box full of awesome fishing lures and I had a great time unboxing them, just like Christmas all over again! Check out the huge variety of soft plastic baits, and make sure you enter for the random drawing. I really appreciate everyone who send something in to the show. I really do have the best fans and dedicated supporters. Hopefully you enjoy the first lure unboxing of the year, and good luck!

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