Winter Fishing in Tennessee – Fish You Can Catch In The Winter!

In the first episode this week: This is realistic winter fishing in Tennessee, and these are some of the fish you can catch in the winter! I am trying to avoid catching skipjacks in this video, because they are so easy to catch. Yellow bass is a common catch in winter. I also catch my first drum of the cold season. The drum is the biggest fish of the day weighing about one pound. We also catch a few bluegill in the video. I am using an i_fish jig head 1.5 for most of the video. I try both Gulp Minnows, and live worms to catch this variety.

If you want to try winter fishing in Tennessee, you just might catch these same types of fish.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Fishing For Shellcracker With Worms – Bank Fishing for Shellcracker

In this episode: Today we are fishing for shellcracker with worms. Bank fishing for shellcracker can be frustrating, until you find the right bait. I start out fishing with a gulp minnow, but I don’t do very well. I only manage to catch a single bluegill. However, after switching to worms, I start catching shellcracker (redear sunfish) too. In fact, I end up catching more shellcracker than bluegill. I catch them on both a drop shot (Realistic Rig) and a float rig. With winter in full swing, the bluegill seem to be moving out, and the shellcracker are moving in. If you are getting any bites on minnows, maybe try worms and catch a few shellcracker.


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