Where to Find Fall Bluegill – Try Fishing Creek Mouths To Catch Fish

In the first episode this week: Know where to find fall bluegill? Try fishing creek mouths to catch fish! I am fishing where the main lake meets this creek. The lake is deep and the creek is shallow. This is where the bluegill are! I catch one or two by the log. But I actually catch many more fish way out in the middle of the channel. The weather has been unseasonably warm, so the fish are a little harder to find right now.

When you aren’t sure where you can find some bluegill to catch, maybe try the mouth of a creek. You just might find a lot of bluegill.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Fishing With HALF of a GULP Minnow (Creek Fishing Trick to Catch Fish)

In this episode: Have you tried fishing with half of a Gulp Minnow? This simple creek fishing trick can help you catch more fish! I am out fishing today and at first, its pretty slow. After a fish rips my gulp minnow in half, I decide to fish with it anyway. This is when I start catching more fish! I get more bites, and catch more fish on HALF of a Gulp minnow. *TIP* The smaller size might be easier for them to eat, especially since they aren’t very aggressive right now. The water is cooling off and the creek is drying up, but that isn’t stopping the fish from going for half of a minnow.


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The CRAPPIE ARE BACK! Realistic Crappie Fishing From Shore!

In the final episode this week: The crappie are back! This is what realistic crappie fishing from shore looks like. The crappie left the area when the temperature heated up. But now that the fall nights are cooling off a bit, the crappie are coming back! I tried fishing two different locations over a couple of days. One of the was so shallow, hardly anything was biting. But when I returned to the log, I started catching crappie again. First I caught an 8 inch crappie. Then I caught a big 12 inch crappie. And it already had a hook deep inside! Since it was still eating, I decided to let it go as is. The fall crappie are back baby!

Check it out in the video below!


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