Texas Rig Bass Fishing with a YUM Christie Craw – Easy Bank Fishing

Texas Rig Bass Fishing with a YUM Christie Craw Bank Fishing - Realistic Fishing

In the first episode this week, I’m doing some Texas rig bass fishing with a Yum Christie Craw. Bank Fishing with soft plastic craws really is easy enough for anyone to try out. A 3/16 oz worm weight and a 3/0 Ewg is all you need to start fishing craws like this. I like to fish them on 12 lb mono line using a medium heavy baitcaster.

How to Catch Bass from the Bank with a Texas Rig

We finally start to see the bass are biting. One of the bites in this episode came in relatively open water in the back of a creek. The other bit was along the bank in the thicker brush. Hopefully the spring fishing will continue to improve sooner than later. I’m looking forward to catching some big bass soon!

Check it all out in the video below.

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Bass Fishing with RAGE Tail Structure Bug! Easy Bass Rig For Beginners

Bass Fishing with Rage Tail Structure Bug Easy Bass Rig for Beginners - Realistic Fishing

In the second episode this week I’m using another easy bass fishing rig for beginners to try, the Rage Tail Structure Bug. Bass Fishing lures don’t always have to cost a lot of money or be too complicated. Thanks again to the good old Walmart Fishing Department, I paid $1 for these Strike King lures.

Bass Fishing for Beginners with a Texas Rig

Not sure what a Texas Rig is? It couldn’t be easier. A simple Texas Rig consists of a hook and a weight, and that’s it. I like to use a 3/0 EWG when using craws and creature baits. As the water continues to warm up this season, I am finally catching more bass. I manage to catch 2 bass at the first location before moving and then I end up running out of time.

Want an easy bass fishing rig for beginners? Go on and Texas rig a Structure bug and you can catch bass too! Check it all out in the video below.

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$1 Creature Bait vs. $12 Whopper Plopper! Cheap Lures Catch Bass Too

1 Dollar Creature Bait vs 12 Dollar Whopper Plopper Cheap Lures Catch Bass Too - Realistic Fishing

In the final episode this week, I’m fishing a $1 Creature Bait vs. a $12 Whopper Plopper to show that cheap lures can absolutely catch bass too! I start out the morning with the Whopper Plopper fishing the calm topwater. After several casts I realize that the bass are just not interested in this lure today.

How to Fish for Bass with a Texas Rig

Wouldn’t you know, after switching to the $1 Creature Bait, I quickly end up catching three largemouth bass. With the finesse approach of the Texas Rig Creature Bait, I caught bass in the same place that I just fished using the Whopper Plopper. So while the fish may be biting, you’ll find they just aren’t always active enough to chase down the topwater Plopper. When that’s the case, consider switching to a Texas Rig Creature Bait.  Check it all out in the video below.

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