Creek Fishing From the Bank With Artificial Minnows – 1 Inch Minnows

In the first episode this week: Today I am doing some creek fishing from the bank with artificial minnows. These are the 1 inch Gulp minnows. I am fishing them on a simple float rig which I call my desperation rig. Since the crappie and bass aren’t biting right now, I am hoping to at least catch some bluegill. I catch a handful of keeper bluegill, but I let them go. I am still waiting for that fall feeding frenzy to start, but it hasn’t yet.

If you get a chance to try some creek fishing, even from the bank, you might want to try Gulp Minnows, especially if you already have them in your tackle box.

See how it all went down in the video below!


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Fishing in Cold Weather – Catching Fish From the Bank With Small Lures

In this episode: Today I am fishing in cold weather. Catching fishing from the bank with small lures is still possible as the air temperatures drop into the 40s. I start out fishing with a float rig and a small artificial minnow called a Gulp Minnow. After catching some nice sized bluegill, I decide to try a small jerkbait. The Salmo minnow catches the biggest fish of the day, a 15 inch skipjack. Both the Gulp Minnows and the Salmo minnow caught fish today. Its cold outside, but that wont stop me from catching fish from the bank.


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Cold Weather Bass and Bluegill Fishing From Shore (Bonus Skipjack)

In the final episode this week: Want to catch cold weather bass and bluegill while fishing from shore? I even catch a bonus skipjack while fishing with lures from the bank! Even in 43 degree weather I am able to catch a couple of largemouth bass from the bank using a jerkbait. Neither of them were huge, but I am happy to catch any fish right now. I also catch a nice skipjack on that same jerkbait. Then after switching to a smaller artificial minnow, I catch a few nice bluegill. I even get snagged on the log, but get my rig back! If you want to brave the cold weather, maybe try for bass and bluegill like me Realistic Fishing.

Check it out in the video below!


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