I can’t believe that in four short months my channel has grown to 500+ subscribers! I appreciate each and every subscriber that chooses to view my Youtube content. Realistic Fishing represents all of the fishermen out there who aren’t catching a 5 lb bass on every cast. Television fishing shows and other Youtube shows often make fishing look way too easy. There are hours and hours of preparation that go into fishing, especially if you try to keep up with the latest and greatest in fishing bait & tackle. Just the simple act of fishing from the shore, at a park, can be an exercise in frustration.

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Please continue to watch and support me as I try to become a better fisherman. I have already gained experience fishing almost a dozen new baits or techniques. And guess what, I am actually catching bass! I am learning! This is just the beginning but I sense that something is changing. I plan to try new rods, reels, baits, and techniques as I progress. I want my experience to be documented so anyone can see what it’s really like, trying to learn the ins and outs of fishing.


Stay tuned, and good luck fishing!


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