Fall Fishing for Bass and Trout

Fall Fishing for Bass and Trout - Realistic Fishing

When you’re fall fishing for bass and trout, crankbaits, topwater lures, and mice tails can help you get things going when the fishing is tough. In this episode I end up with three fish that were caught on three different days because the fishing has been pretty slow lately. I caught a couple largemouth bass – one on an Ozark Trail Plopper and another on an H20 Xpress Crankbait. Using a powerbait mice tail I caught the rainbow trout. The fishing should get better when the water cools down and hopefully I can get the boat out soon.

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Finding Fall Bass Fishing Lures on Clearance & Another Round of Realistic Trivia

Finding Fall Bass Fishing Lures on Clearance - Realistic Fishing

I’ve been finding some fall bass fishing lures on clearance lately. In this episode see what kind of lures I’m finding and giving away. Oh yeah, its time for more Realistic Fishing Trivia and this is your chance to win free lures. I bought 10 really awesome fall bass fishing lures on clearance and I want to send some to my subscribers. Go to Realisticfishing.com, click the trivia button to play this round. Up for grabs are some Powerbait Max Scent, Gulp minnows and more. When I find great deals on fishing lures, we all win.

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Spinner vs PowerBait Trout Fishing Challenge – Which Catches More Fish?

Spinner vs PowerBait Trout Fishing Challenge - Realistic Fishing

In this episode we see a Spinner vs Powerbait trout fishing challenge because I want to see which one catches more fish. I get a bunch of comments insisting that a spinner would have worked better than powerbait every time I make a trout fishing video. I put it to the test in this episode and the results speak for themselves. I caught no trout at all on the spinner. After a half hour and almost 30 casts, I give up and try the powerbait instead and I’m hooked up with a rainbow trout within minutes.

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Easy Baitcaster Tips for Beginners – and How Do Brakes Affect Casting?

Easy Baitcaster Tips for Beginners how do brakes effect casting - Realistic Fishing

In this episode of Easy Beginner Baitcaster Fishing Tips I am adjusting the brakes of a baitcaster and showing how they effect casting. The centrifugal braking system in this reel has 6 different settings. I try to cast the reel on all six settings to see how the cast is effected. The highest brake setting reduces backlash but it also reduces distance. The lowest setting was an instant bird’s nest and was totally uncastable for me. Hopefully beginners can see how the brakes effect casting and baitcaster backlashes, and maybe avoid a few backlashes with this information.
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Fall Bass Fishing with a Whopper Plopper

Fall Bass Fishing With a Whopper Plopper - Realistic Fishing

In this episode it’s finally that time of year for fall bass fishing with a Whopper Plopper. I’m still out there practicing topwater bass fishing because it’s not quite my strong suit. I’m using a baitcaster today and 12 lb mono line with a whopper plopper to fish from the bank. I manage to catch a largemouth bass weighing around 1lb on its best day at the first spot I try. I then go to a couple other fishing spots and end up catching two more. Today’s bass weren’t what I’d call very big, they still give me hope for a good fishing season this fall.
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Float Rig vs Bottom Rig – Trout Fishing with Power Eggs & Gulp Worms

float rig vs bottom rig trout fishing with power eggs and gulp worms - Realistic Fishing

In this episode I’m out trout fishing with a bottom rig and a float rig to see which rig works better with gulp worms & power eggs. I’ve found a fairly dependable trout fishing spot, so its time to do a little experimentation with different bait and rigs. I don’t get any bites when I start off with the float rig and a gulp worm. I then switch to the power eggs and I still don’t get any bites. I catch a trout on the first cast after removing the float! I also was able to catch a trout on the worm!

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Beginner Fishing Lures – How to Fish with a Twister Tail Grub

Beginner Fishing Lures! How to Fish with a Twister Tail Grub

We see how to fish with a twister tail grub in today’s episode of beginner fishing lure tips – and you’ll see surprised how easy it is. A twister tail grub is one of the first artificial baits new fishermen encounter. It can actually catch fish when rigged with a jig head. I’ll show you how to tie two of them on at the same time to double your chances. After you catch a couple of fish you can change colors to see which color the fish prefer.

Sunfish and Yellow bass are a few of the fish that often go for a twister tail grub. The fish was going after the Chartreuse grubs today and I did really well before finally losing the grub.
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River Fishing for Trout Using Bottom Rigs – Rainbow and Brook Trout

River Fishing for Trout Using Bottom Rigs

Have you ever gone river fishing for trout using bottom rigs? I catch both Rainbow Trout and Brook Trout in this video. After no success trying to catch a fish on a live minnow I’d just caught, I change to corn. With two pieces of corn on the hook and a pinch on sinker, I end up catching multiple trout. You can see me catch a 10.75 inch Brook Trout which qualifies as a trophy fish here in TN. Consider trying a bottom bouncing rig if there are trout in a river near you.
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Fishing with Live Bait Below The Dam

Fishing Below The Dam with Live Bait and Casting Spoons

Have you tried fishing below a dam with live bait and casting spoons? You can catch lots of big fish in the spillway below a dam. Today I am using shiners aka live minnows as fishing bait. I caught multiple fish including some big catfish and some really nice hybrid striped bass also known as wiper. While just casting and retrieving I also caught a hybrid on a spoon. We even had three fish on at the same time at one point which was so much fun!
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Budget Baitcaster Combo – $40 H20 Xpress Angler

Budget Baitcaster Combo - $40 H20 Xpress Angler

Today we’re doing some fall topwater bass fishing with this $40 H20 Xpress ANGLER Baitcaster Combo that I have been using on and off for about 4 years. When I started the Realistic Fishing show on YouTUbe, this is the baitcaster I used. In this episode I clean up the park some and I catch two largemouth bass on topwater. Its always a shame to see the park end up so trashy. Bottom line, I am very happy with the H20 Xpress (Tournament Choice) Angler Baitcast Combo, it’s definitely of the best budget baitcasters out there!

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