Some Fishermen are Jerks! The Unwritten Rules of Fishing Level 1

some fishermen are jerks - Realistic Fishing

We all know that some fishermen are jerks, so here are the unwritten rules of fishing (level1). Has a fisherman ever come over and fished right in your spot while you are still there? This behavior is a very poor attempt at flexing. A lot of people, including myself, go fishing for more reasons than just catching fish. I really enjoy my time away from the annoying people in life. When someone comes from a mile away just to be in your way, I call that annoying. These people are like line jumpers, shrugging while they arrive late and cut in front of you.

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Fishing with Live Bait Below The Dam

Fishing Below The Dam with Live Bait and Casting Spoons

Have you tried fishing below a dam with live bait and casting spoons? You can catch lots of big fish in the spillway below a dam. Today I am using shiners aka live minnows as fishing bait. I caught multiple fish including some big catfish and some really nice hybrid striped bass also known as wiper. While just casting and retrieving I also caught a hybrid on a spoon. We even had three fish on at the same time at one point which was so much fun!
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