Float Rig vs Bottom Rig – Trout Fishing with Power Eggs & Gulp Worms

float rig vs bottom rig trout fishing with power eggs and gulp worms - Realistic Fishing

In this episode I’m out trout fishing with a bottom rig and a float rig to see which rig works better with gulp worms & power eggs. I’ve found a fairly dependable trout fishing spot, so its time to do a little experimentation with different bait and rigs. I don’t get any bites when I start off with the float rig and a gulp worm. I then switch to the power eggs and I still don’t get any bites. I catch a trout on the first cast after removing the float! I also was able to catch a trout on the worm!

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Beginner Fishing Lures – How to Fish with a Twister Tail Grub

Beginner Fishing Lures! How to Fish with a Twister Tail Grub

We see how to fish with a twister tail grub in today’s episode of beginner fishing lure tips – and you’ll see surprised how easy it is. A twister tail grub is one of the first artificial baits new fishermen encounter. It can actually catch fish when rigged with a jig head. I’ll show you how to tie two of them on at the same time to double your chances. After you catch a couple of fish you can change colors to see which color the fish prefer.

Sunfish and Yellow bass are a few of the fish that often go for a twister tail grub. The fish was going after the Chartreuse grubs today and I did really well before finally losing the grub.
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How To Catch Carp The Easy Way – Using Bread When Sight Fishing For Carp

Catching Carp with Bread

If you’re looking for an easy way to catch carp, try using bread when sight fishing for carp. Some bread and a hook is all you’ll really need.

If you notice carp swimming nearby when you’re at the water fishing, wad up a ball of bread, add it to your hook and wait. There’s nothing else to it.

I was next to some trees in the water and looking to see what I could catch. Braided line was used to get the fish out of the cover. Give sight fishing for carp with bread a try if you want to see how it feels to catch a powerful fish. That’s all there is to catching carp the easy way.

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